Top 5 Cities to Visit When Going to Spain

Spain is full of bustling cities, gorgeous little towns, stunning coastlines, beautiful architecture, and sun-kissed sandy beaches. It is also known for its excellent food, entertainment options, and diverse population. With a rich history, Spain is a cultural destination like no other. 

This beautiful country welcomes over 80 million tourists and visitors each year and is the second most visited nation after France. With such popularity, deciding where to visit, which places to see, and how to plan the itinerary can get challenging. Visa options, stay options, vaccinations, and other paperwork also tends to get slightly confusing. It is ideal to get professional advice for the documentation. 

However, the best stay options are offered by, where you can choose the most comfortable, luxurious, well-connected rooms in Spain. Let us look at the top five cities to visit when going to Spain and get started with a bang. 

1. Seville

Seville is a city of fiestas, siestas, and tapas! Home to the Seville Cathedral (largest cathedral globally), it is the final burial place of Christopher Columbus. Seville is famous for its three UNESCO World Heritage Sites – the Cathedral, the Real Alcazar, and Archivo de Indias. 

This grand city houses the Metropol Parasol, which is supposed to be the largest wooden structure in the world. While not a coastal town, the food is fabulous with vino de Jerez (wine from white grapes) and pescaito (fried fish). Seville is also known for its friendly residents – they are incredibly passionate and welcoming of people from all nationalities, ethnicities, and cultures.

2. Madrid

Madrid, the capital, is one of the artiest cities globally. Madrid is considered one of the fanciest cities in Spain and is home to numerous museums, art festivals, dance festivals, entertainment spots like nightclubs and pubs, and fabulous food. It is known for the vermouth (sweet wine spiced with botanicals) and is served locally at almost every town bar. 

The San Miguel Market, Sobrino De Botin (the oldest restaurant in the world) and Retiro Park are excellent places to start your tour of the city. Visitors should also soak in some of the famous Spanish culture at El Prado and wander the lavish rooms at the Royal Palace before visiting the various museums and art institutes. 

3. San Sebastian

San Sebastian in the Spanish Basque Country is the unofficial culinary capital of Spain. It has numerous Michelin starred restaurants and is a foodie hotspot. The San Sebastian region in the north is one of the few places never conquered by the Moors and the Romans, which means it has stayed unique to its Spanish roots. 

Visitors to this fabulous city must try the pintxos (local cider) that servers pour with pride from above their heads to the glasses three feet below on the tables. This flair and flourish make the experience once in a lifetime. Many people also take videos of the pintxos service and upload them to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages. Apart from the food, San Sebastian is known for its gorgeous La Concha Beach, the promenade, Belle Epoque buildings, and the cable car to Monte Igueldo. 

4. Barcelona

Barcelona is the cultural capital of Spain, and the entire city is an ode to the magnificent architecture of Gaudi. The La Sagrada Familia (the unfinished architectural marvel), Picasso Museum, paintings by Salvador Dali, Park Guell, and more are fitting tributes to the rich history and art of the city. 

Apart from the culture and art, Barcelona is known for its food (gourmet tapas), wine, fashion, and sports (football). The city is a culinary hotspot, and starting your food journey at the Boqueria Market is sure to make your day. Most visitors begin with tapas, crema Catalana (custard) and follow it up with cava (local wine).

5. Cordoba

The impressive mosque-cathedral in Cordoba, the Mezquita, attracts more than a million tourists each year. The intricate courtyards of Cordoba were declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. The local residents compete with each other to decorate the best inner courtyards with flower pots to add color to the stark white walls. Cordoba also has the best courtyard competition in May. 

Apart from its beauty, Cordoba is famous for its salmorejo (cold soup with garlic, olive oil, tomatoes, and bread) and fried eggplants. It is also known for its oxtail stew and delicious freshly baked loaves of bread. 

Apart from these cities, some other ones to visit are Bilbao, Burgos, Avila, Teruel, Granada, and Valencia. 

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