Top 5 Cities to Visit When Going to Spain

Spain is full of bustling cities, gorgeous little towns, stunning coastlines, beautiful architecture, and sun-kissed sandy beaches. It is also known for its excellent food, entertainment options, and diverse population. With a rich history, Spain is a cultural destination like no other. 

This beautiful country welcomes over 80 million tourists and visitors each year and is the second most visited nation after France. With such popularity, deciding where to visit, which places to see, and how to plan the itinerary can get challenging. Visa options, stay options, vaccinations, and other paperwork also tends to get slightly confusing. It is ideal to get professional advice for the documentation. 

However, the best stay options are offered by, where you can choose the most comfortable, luxurious, well-connected rooms in Spain. Let us look at the top five cities to visit when going to Spain and get started with a bang. 

1. Seville

Seville is a city of fiestas, siestas, and tapas! Home to the Seville Cathedral (largest cathedral globally), it is the final burial place of Christopher Columbus. Seville is famous for its three UNESCO World Heritage Sites – the Cathedral, the Real Alcazar, and Archivo de Indias. 

This grand city houses the Metropol Parasol, which is supposed to be the largest wooden structure in the world. While not a coastal town, the food is fabulous with vino de Jerez (wine from white grapes) and pescaito (fried fish). Seville is also known for its friendly residents – they are incredibly passionate and welcoming of people from all nationalities, ethnicities, and cultures.

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Best cars for your staycation

Global events mean that more of us than ever are staying in Britain for our summer holidays this year. One of the problems that’s cropping up as a result is booked-up hotels and accommodation across the UK. One way to have a fun family holiday is to go camping, but that’s not for everyone, especially if the famous British weather is as wet as usual. That’s where caravans come in. You can tow them anywhere you want to go, pay for a pitch and stay in comfort, out of the elements. Yet in order to enjoy a caravan of your own you’ll want to buy a car that is able to tow it. In this article we’ll look at the rules around towing and which cars are appropriate, plus a top 5 best cars for towing, as chosen by experts at Parkers. Before you buy a car able to tow a caravan, you’ll probably want to get a car valuation to see how much your current car is worth. It’s easy enough to do that – just check online for one of the many free services that do this.


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A guide to UK walking holidays in the Summer

When looking at the stunning countryside the UK has to offer, it is no surprise that every year over 68% of adults choose to go on walking holidays in the UK in the Summer. 

Alongside eating out at a restaurant, walking is the most popular activity for people in the UK, with thousands and thousands of people travelling to the countryside every year to explore the scenic surroundings.

Walking is also a great form of exercise, with many adults in the UK stating how they choose to walk everyday for 10 minutes to get their steps in.

With this in mind, the UK’s number one slow holiday provider has put together a walking guide for the rambling enthusiasts. Inntravel has curated the best walking holidays in the UK in the hope to inspire the UK population to explore the glorious surroundings and routes on offer. 

From the Seascapes of North Norfolk to the Landscapes of the Peak District, this walking holiday guide has it all. 

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The 3 Best European Breaks for Young Families

Creating fabulous family memories is something that you can strive to do each and every day. Even the smallest activity or moment can end up being a great memory that the kids hang on to for the rest of their lives. But what if you want to create a really special family experience – something that truly stands out? A family holiday to an exciting European destination could certainly provide that special experience that they cherish forever, but what is the best destination? 

To say Europe is vast with all kinds of gems to explore is an understatement, and it can make choosing the perfect break much harder. To help you out, we’ve gone ahead and listed the top three best European breaks that are ideal for young families.

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Amazing Benefits Gained From Traveling

Travel in its most basic form is the movement of people/ objects from one place to another over a certain distance. People often travel to different regions for a variety of reasons. Most of us are likely already familiar with one of the reasons most people travel, work. However, among the main reasons we travel is learning, such as gaining knowledge on a new culture, an area’s history, or interacting with diverse cultures. By traveling, we learn about how diverse people’s lives are and how this diversity impacts our lives. 

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UK’s Top 10 Road Trip Destinations

Travelling to different countries has been seriously limited due to the coronavirus pandemic during the last year. So, more people than ever decided to opt for a UK staycation.

A survey of UK drivers by Refused Car Finance showed that 16.7% of drivers had driven to a UK staycation during the first UK lockdown even though it was advised against.

With the travel restrictions unsure in 2021 so far, more UK drivers may be looking at staying local or discovering the countryside. So, what’s the best road trip destinations in the UK?

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