8 Business Ideas for Creatives

Are you a creative wanting to use your talents to make money? If so, good news – there are plenty of excellent business ideas that make the most of your creative side. Whether you are a writer, painter or a jack-of-all-creative-trades, here are eight great business ideas for creative people to help you earn money while doing what you love. 

1: Tattoo Artist

Starting a tattoo business lets you spread your creative wings. You take a customer’s budding idea and turn it into something magical. Then, you get to apply the finished product to the customer’s body. It’s an amazing creative pursuit and one you should consider if you like tattoos. 

To become a tattoo artist, you will also have to get comfortable with tattoo machines and needles. Once you master tattooing, you can use your creative mind to create various incredible tattoos. 

tattoo artist

2: Candle Maker 

Another business idea is candle making. People love candles, and people will always buy candles. As a creative person, you can come up with various scent and colour combinations to create the most beautiful candles ever seen. There are plenty of places to sell them – you could open your own shop, or you could sell online at marketplaces like Etsy. 

candle maker

3: Interior Designer

Do you have a knack for home décor? If so, you might make an awesome interior designer. You’ll need great vision, attention to detail, and an understanding of spatial balance to make this business pursuit work for you. If you can do it, though, you can make a lucrative living while spreading your creative wings! 

interior designer

4: Clothes Designer 

Another way to turn your creative vision into a business is to become a clothes designer. Use your creativity to make gorgeous dresses, shoes, skirts, suits, lingerie – whatever you like. There is the option of selling on a marketplace, setting up an online shop or opening a physical shop. 

clothes designer

5: Content Creator 

Content creators get to create whatever they like online. If you gain a big enough following on social media sites like Instagram, YouTube or TikTok, you can make a lot of money through sponsorships. 

content creator

6: Seller of Knitted Goods 

One of the most popular creative hobbies is knitting. Did you know you can make a decent living from it? If you have the talent and the creativity, try selling your knitted goods online. You could sell scarves, hats, cuddly toys and a range of other knitted items. 

seller of knitted goods

7: Online Teacher

Do you have a creative talent? If so, you could start a business by teaching that skill to others online. Start making online courses, create a teaching YouTube channel or write eBooks. It’s a great way to share your knowledge while building a business and personal brand for yourself. 

become an online teacher

8: Graphic Designer

If you have a mixture of tech skills and artistic creativity, you could try starting a graphic designing business. As a freelance graphic designer, you can work online by building a website, marketing your skills and finding clients to work for.

graphic designer

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