Tips for throwing a great party for a five-year-old

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Throwing a kid’s birthday party can be stressful. Your kid will want to have the best day and impress all their friends, which puts great pressure on you – not to mention the pressure you might feel from other parents. When a kid turns 5, they start to feel a lot more independent, and may have a bigger idea of what they want, which can be tricky. However, throwing a kid’s party can be easy if you set some rules and stick to them. So, how can you throw a great party for a five-year-old? 

A gift list

There can be a big expectation to buy fancy, expensive gifts for your kid’s friends’ birthday parties, and parents will feel the same expectation for yours. Often, your child will be left with a bunch of stuff that they don’t like, use or want – and you have to decide what to do with. So, make a gift list and send it out to the parents of the kids invited, or send some links of things that your kid likes – there are plenty of suitable gifts for a 5 year old. You may also wish to make it clear that gifts are optional and take any pressure off, as it can be a strain on parents in tricky financial situations. 

Outdoor space

Kids like to run around and let off steam, so whether you’re throwing the party at your house or you’ve rented somewhere, you should make sure there’s some outdoor space nearby. When kids get older they might want to go to big exciting places like waterparks, but you should be able to keep them happy by letting them run around a park or garden. Wherever it is, make sure there’s plenty of space for them to move their limbs, as 5-year-olds can feel cooped up easily and when this happens they might start to bicker. 

Preparing games

Alongside outdoor space, it can help to have some games prepared to keep the kids entertained. You could even put a bouncy castle outdoors, or something simpler like skipping ropes or hopscotch. Inflatables are always a good option to keep your kids entertained, and are surprisingly easy to hire, an example if you live near Chelmsford, monster inflatables bouncy castle hire offer a huge range suitable for any party or garden. Indoor games are also important in keeping the kids entertained, so you’ll need to have plenty prepared. Top favorites include pass the parcel, musical chairs, pin the tail on the donkey and piñatas. Make sure you have little prizes for the winners, as these will be expected, and don’t pick games that are too difficult for five-year-olds. Non-competitive activities are also encouraged, as kids can get upset when they don’t win, so you could try some arts and crafts or face-paint. 

Plenty of food

Like adults, kids get grumpy when they’re hungry, so the key to a good party for a five-year-old is so make sure you’re equipped with plenty of snacks. You can’t go wrong with party food: plenty of chocolate, crisps and biscuits will do. If you’ve chosen a theme then you may wish to prepare your food accordingly, however don’t go too complicated as many kids are picky eaters. Likewise, make sure you have vegan and vegetarian options, as more kids are growing up not eating meat and dairy. Always check for any allergies beforehand, too, and avoid anything with nuts if possible.

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