A Ginger Fox Christmas

Christmas is not complete without family board games! This year in the run up to the festive season, we’ve been trying out some great card games from Ginger Fox which would make ideal stocking fillers, and are also great to bring along when visiting wider family over the Christmas season.

Here’s a run down of the games we have been trying out…

Bump This

Bump This is a fun and active card game themed around the concept of fist bumps and handshakes. While playing the game, you pass the handshakes along from player to player but one wrong move and you’re out! This game was a lot of laughs for my boys, and it was really easy for them to pick up the rules and get started. You can play with 2 or more players and it’s recommended for age 8 and up, which I would say is about right.

Mince Spies

This game is perfect for larger family gatherings, and is quite a unique concept. At the beginning of the night, each player is given a coaster with a secret mission written on the back and everyone will try to get away with their missions throughout the night, rather than being a game that you all sit down and play in one place at one time. It is incorporated right into the evening. We have not played this one yet, but look forward to trying this when we have all the family together over the festive season!

This game can be played with a maximum of 18 players, and here are a few examples of the type of missions…

Catch Phrase Card Game

Catch Phrase is a popular TV game show, and now it is a fun family card game too. Using the picture clues, can you guess the famous catch phrase and win the most prize money? We had lots of laughs playing this game together with our older kids. I thought I would find it so easy to guess the catch phrases, but a few of them had me stumped!

Can you guess the catch phrase above? It was “falling in love”!

This will be a great game for multiple generations to play together over Christmas, and it can last as long as you like as you can do just a few rounds or keep going for ages.

Space Dash

Space Dash is a fun and quick moving card game involving racing through space. With 3 players or more, you will race to collect complete sets of launch sequence cards, with everyone moving and playing at the same time. As with Bump This, this game is recommended for 8 years and upwards.

Also check out our review of DoughNab from GingerFox, which we tried out earlier in the year. This was a great hit with our kids, and another one that would be a lot of fun over the festive season.

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