If you’re kids are fans of Thomas & Friends, they’ll be glad to know that there’s a new Thomas & Friends steaming into cinemas soon. Thomas & Friends: The Great Race is a new feature length CGI movie which introduces 13 new international engines.

To celebrate this new movie, we have two free Thomas & Friends colouring pages to share with you.

free printable thomas and friends colouring pages, from the new movie thomas & friends the great race. Great for toddlers and preschools who love Thomas the train

Thomas & Friends: The Great Race sees Thomas wishing he could represent Sodor at the Great Railway Show, which is taking place on the mainland. But the bigger engines just laugh at him and say he’s not big, strong or fast enough to compete with the best engines from around the world. Thomas is up against international competition from a host of new engines including Raul of Brazil, Yong Bao of China, Ivan of Russia and the brightly decorated engine from India, Ashima, (voiced by Tina Desai), but he is determined to find a way – even when his plans all go wrong and the devious Diesel threatens his chances to compete. This exciting international musical adventure – where friendship always wins the race – promises to delight children and families across the world.

thomas & friends the great race new movie

Following its recent and highly publicised real-life restoration, cinema-goers will be able to see the animated version of The Flying Scotsman in the film.

My boys were massive fans of Thomas & Friends throughout all of their preschool years. Now that they are getting older, I have to admit I miss the little blue guy! He has been such a beloved character with us for so many years.

To find participating cinemas and to book tickets for Thomas & Friends: The Great Race please visit: www.thomasgreatrace.com

Thomas & Friends: The Great Race is in cinemas Saturday May 21 & Sunday May 22

Colouring Pages

Thomas and Friends Ashima The Great Race colouring page

Click here to download this colouring page in PDF format for easy printing

thomas & friends ashima colouring page

Thomas and Friends The Great Race colouring page with Thomas and Ashima

Click here to download this colouring page in PDF format for easy printing

thomas and friends the great race colouring page printable

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