The Way Home for Wolf

We are all big readers in our family, with bookshelves stacked up in every room. It’s really important for me to encourage the children in this from a young age, and one of the best ways to do this is by having appealing and good quality books around the home. However many books we have already read, it’s still always a joy to come across another great one!

The Way Home for Wolf is a heartwarming new picture book from the best-selling creators of The Lion Inside. This book stands out for its gorgeous illustrations as well as it’s positive message, and is a story that I really enjoyed reading to my toddler (as did her older brother as you can see)

The Way Home for Wolf tells the tale of a plucky young wolf cub named Wilf. He’s very stubborn and believes he can do everything by himself, even wanting to lead the pack although he is just a young cub! But during his journey, young Wilf gets left behind, finding himself lost and alone in the chill of the arctic night. In his time of need, Wilf comes across a new friend who’s willing to help.. and then another.. and then another. He soon learns the benefit of letting others help in your time of need, and realises that with the help and kindness of the other animals he can soon be guided back exactly where he wants to be – back with his pack.

This message of kindness and friendship is told in rhyme, with beautiful use of language. The book has a rich vocabulary which is complemented by amazing illustrations. We loved the colour and detail in these, especially depicting the scenery and landscape of the arctic setting.

There is plenty of cuteness in the book too, to compliment and balance the striking illustrations. N loves little Wilf, who is adorable with his big blue eyes and bushy tale.

She has enjoyed pointing him out in the pictures and listening to the tale of all of the animals who come to his rescue, including a Narwhal, bear moth and a moose. The Moose was a particular favourite.

I really liked the variety of animals included, simply because it’s such an easy way to introduce little ones to animals that they may not be familiar with, just by reading the story. I even learned a new animal myself as I had never heard of a bear-moth!

This feel good story is the fourth book in a series of picture books by Rachel Bright and Jim Field, including The Lion Inside, The Koala Who Could and The Squirrels Who Squabbled, and is out now in Paperback.

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