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We had the first day back to school today, for our boys who are in primary school. They are already in year 4 and year 5 – the years seem to be flying by! Whatever year your child is going back to, it’s always great to get them started off for a new school year feeling organised and I find starting off with new backpacks and pencil cases can really help with that. It’s something I remember enjoying from my own childhood, getting the new supplies ready each September and feeling motivated to start off the new year in the right way.

Smiggle sent us some brilliant Back to School supplies to help the us get set up for September, and these were perfect for T.

Smiggle have a great range of school supplies from back packs, to lunch bags, pencil cases, stationary and water bottles and more. These come in a wide variety of designs to suit both boys and girls, and can even be bought together in back to school bundles for best value.

T was instantly drawn to the Goal design backpack, which is fab for young football fans. I really like the design too, as it has a great balance of looking smart with the black colour but also showing personality with the football theming.

As well as looking cool, it’s also a really good quality practical school bag which can fit plenty inside. This is important as the children start to move up through the juniors especially year 5 and beyond as in our school they do start to get more and more books, folders and projects to bring home as they move through the school and as we walk to school each day we do need a strong backpack to hold these comfortably.

The Smiggle backpacks have plenty of compartments and can also hold the water bottle in the outside compartment, which makes it much easier to transport and means that their work won’t be splashed with the water as it can do if you carry it in the main section of the bag and it leaks.

We also added a complimenting football Keyring to the bag from the same range, which looks really cute.

T was also really happy with the stationary range, with a sports themed pencil case in envelope style and all matching pencils, ruler and rubber.

The stationary comes in a set secured inside the ruler itself, which is a 30cm ruler, and comes with sharpener, rubber and two pencils. For our school, we also need to add handwriting pens from year 4/5 onwards but this set provides the basics of what your child will need in any class. Having everything matching is a good idea from a practical point too, as when your pencil matches your pencil case it becomes more obvious who the pencil belongs to – always a benefit in school when pencils can easily get mixed up with others, lost or “borrowed”!

The pencil case is a generous size, perfect to fit everything inside without being too bulky so T was very happy with it.

The envelope design at the front opens to an extra little pocket, in case they want to keep any bits separate.

I’m sure T will have a great school year ahead with his Smiggle products! Here are a few more designs in their range…

Visit the Smiggle website to see all the products available.

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