The Enthusiast’s Guide to Adding Character to Bathrooms

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A fantastic bathroom gives a beautiful bathing experience removing instantly all our tiredness. Therefore, when it comes to creating a perfect bathroom, inspiration and motivation are endless. A bathroom is basically a comfortable place inside a house that is quite functional and always ready and easy to use. Decorating a toilet that suits our wants and desires takes keen attention to layout detail and strategic approach to the place. 

We can always craft an amazing design to reflect character in building an unforgettable and innovative bathroom space. These are the number of ways to make our bathing time more comfortable by adding character and shades to the zone.

1. Paints and lights: Painting the walls of our bathroom with some amazing modern themes that we select and connect to add meaning to the area. Today it is not necessary to choose a glossy pink or maroon to protect the walls from the heat and moisture. Matte is creating a sensation in the world of colors and it is quite famous now in choosing nail art or wall paints. Brown or turquoise green matte is addictive in nature spreading the existence of elegance all over the place.

Sometimes led bulbs can give a clear view and understanding of the zone. Also, exceptions like hanging beautiful lanterns create a fashionable place.

2. Arts with tiles: It’s too boring to experience unadorned dull walls of our bathing space. Hand-painted watercolor frames are water- resistant and quite affordable nowadays creating admirable visual impacts. Custom printers are a good choice as they can draw creative pictures and laminate them beautifully.

We can buy tiles online as the online store exhibit wonderful and different variety of shapes and sizes of tiles. Tiles printed with sceneries or images of idols are never boring and easy to find and install. They give a perfect texture to the zone without damaging the surface of the walls and floor.

3. Good storage: The best way to declutter a space is to hide them from the attention of people and the best way to hide things is having huge spacious but fashionable storage shelves. A space challenged house needs it, mostly, to give the small bathroom space an updated look. Sometimes floating wall shelves create fashion successfully and come along even with long-term warranties in case of wear and tear.

Mounted top wall baskets present standard sized drawers improving the home ambiance. Black or grey furniture-style cabinets add character to the existing storage system. Pull-out drawers are even instant and quick weekend updates.

4. Soft textiles: An important stage of bathroom decoration is using the finest textiles and mats. It gives a grand blow to the present. Throwing the old ones, we can get fantastic soft threaded carpets or yoga mats of different sizes. Modern floor mats and towels with accent colors or solid patterns would sometimes share a contemporary touch. Sometimes changing shower curtains with patterned or printed sheets add an instant pop to the bathroom.

 Towels and napkins that match the wallpaper or ambiance of the bathroom blend well with this step of decorating the zone. Rugs or carpets with the rubber backing add comfort and softness to the feet whenever we enter.

5. Silk plants: The bathroom area looks admirable when we keep green plants at different places and in that case, fake plants are the best choice. It strengthens the trend of interior decoration and the varieties it contains keep the room fresh throughout the year. They are not susceptible to the weather and can be kept throughout the colder months. 

Even wholesale artificial flowers ensure fantastic home accessories to present a cohesive appearance all over the place. Also, silk ferns are cost effective in nature and have more longevity and shall never make us suffer from plant allergies.

Fake palm trees look good in fairly well-lit places while all we need is to collect few pebbles and stones to make them appear more realistic. Also, potted plants at different corners spruce up the decorating ideas of a bathroom. Artificial palm tree leaves in vases give an artistic style to the bathroom vanity. 

Silk ferns perfectly provide space and time-saving solutions and instantly add a classic flair to exceptional bathroom designs. Green bathing room decoration is pure fun and enjoyment and always enhances the fantastic hobby of home interiors. It is the best way to spruce up classic bathrooms adding charm and character to the zone.

6. We can accessorize anytime: It’s time to add gravity and personality to the zone while we upgrade it. The idea of accessorizing the decoration enhances a finishing touch to the designing while improving the look of the place. Fashionable wastebaskets or creative soap dishes are a good choice. 

Big and small candles look elementary and can act as a room diffuser adding a beautiful accent to the fashion sense. Colorful towels and wall hangers made of wood, steel or iron adds a modern pattern and designer touch. A good finishing touch improvises perfections giving it a real art of decoration.

7. A mini library: While most area inside the house is meant for everyday routines, there is something romantic and nostalgic about a mini library as it is always a place for relaxation. Perfect design of a book zone always enhances our inner peace and serenity truly reminding us to encourage the excitement of unwinding with the latest article or paperback. 

It adds a little personality and gravity to the place and celebrates, while displaying, inspirational masterpieces. Good classics can instantly add dignity to the book area creating immense comfort and enjoyment. A fantastic bookshelf with all our favorite books can always give a perfect bathing time.

We use a bathroom every single day and therefore, when it comes down to designing it we should think about some fantabulous decorating steps to pop character even to a small place. It makes us feel great whenever we think that a bathing space can have such beautiful impacts on our everyday life. 

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