New Dumbo Plush Toys

With the new Dumbo Live Action movie from Disney coming out at the end of the month (March 29th), there are some really cute new Dumbo toys available to buy. I’m really looking forward to checking out the new movie with the kids.

We were sent the Dumbo 15cm Soft Toy with Fireman Outfit which is a great way to introduce my little ones to the Dumbo character.

Dumbo comes with a bright red fireman’s hat, along with his big flappy ears and the feather at the end of his trunk. As well as the Fireman’s Outfit Dumbo, these 15cm plush are also available in as a plain Dumbo, a Dumbo with blue outfit, or Dumbo with a red headdress. They have great attention to detail and are instantly recognisable for fans of the original Dumbo movie, and you can collect them all!

Our fireman Dumbo plush was claimed straight away by our youngest, who loves Disney movies but has yet to see the original animated Dumbo. That didn’t stop her from getting attached to the Dumbo plush and after I told her the story of Dumbo she has loved using his ears to help him fly around, and she also loved the detail of his hat accessory.

The 15cm size is great for smaller children, and we will definitely take our plush along to the cinema with us when we go to watch the movie, as it is perfect to snuggle up with.

These Dumbo Plushes are available from The Entertainer and priced at £10 each.

If you haven’t yet seen the trailer for the new Dumbo movie.. take a look here:

We were sent the plush in order to review and a cinema voucher to go along and see the movie when it comes out.

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