Are your legs summer ready? 

I know, I know – Summer is a little way off yet. But when you’re a busy mum, you have to plan these things well in advance! Bumpy skin, missed hairs and shaving mishaps – we’ve all been there. And rushing to shave your legs usually means a few nicks and cuts along the way. Ouch! 

There are lots of arguments about the easiest way to remove hair, but not all of us have the time to book in at the salon and get our legs professionally waxed…So, with that in mind, we’ve come up with some super simple shaving tips that will give you amazing results, reduce the cuts to your skin and help you feel super confident when you’re out with the kids in the sunshine. 

Never dry shave!

This is such a big no-no! In fact, many of us know this because we’ve learnt the hard way…So, I’m here to reinforce the fact that you should never start shaving when your legs are dry. Instead, get yourself into a nice hot bath – or lovely shower – and soak your skin. It’s recommended that you should do this for around 3 minutes, so just read a few pages of your book or sip a few times from your wine glass and that should be long enough. Hydrated hairs are easier to cut. Simple. 

Start from the bottom and work your way up

There’s probably far too much discussion and disagreement about which direction you should shave in: with hair growth? Or against it? My advice? Start from your ankle and work your way up towards your knee. As long as you’re using a good blade and your legs are nice and wet, this shouldn’t cause any irritation! 

Don’t be a drag

Believe it or not, you shouldn’t be applying much pressure to your razor as you shave. It should be gliding against your skin. Not being dragged like a toddler that doesn’t like food shopping. If you find that you need to apply pressure to get any kind of result then perhaps it’s time you got a new razor or switched the heads for new ones.

Bend your knee!

The trickiest part of shaving is often the knee area. It bumpy, uneven and got bits of folded skin to contend with. The solution is a simple one. Simply bend your knee slightly when you shave. This pulls the skin tightly and makes the area a little easier to shave.

Look after your shaving equipment

As a rule of thumb, try to store your razor upright after every use. Why? Because this allows any moisture to run off and it can help prevent the build up of bacteria. So if you cut your skin, you’re not going to risk an infection. Avoid storing them in places where they’ll get repeatedly wet, i.e. the shower or the side of the bath. Again, this will help stop your razors from becoming germy and disgusting as well as preventing the blades from becoming dull and blunt. 

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