The end of our DryNites® journey

After being DryNites® ambassadors over the last two years, we’re now coming to the end of our DryNites® journey. But how is our night time dryness progress getting on? I would love to be able to update that we’ve totally cracked the bedwetting issue, and the kids are all dry over night. Unfortunately, we’re not quite there so DryNites® will still be a very familiar product in our household for now!

Throughout our DryNites® journey, we’ve been able to share our experiences and get useful expert advice from DryNites®. One of the main points to remember is that you can’t simply train a child out of bedwetting. It is a developmental stage, and it comes in it’s own time. The two most important tools that I rely on, and would recommend for other parents experiencing a longer bed wetting stage are 1.) Patience and 2.) DryNites®!

As I shared in our last DryNites® update, we have had some progress with our youngest boy (just turned 6) and he is doing really well with staying dry over night – which is great news! I’m really pleased that he has been ready and able to move on from this stage, but the process is still on going for our middle boy (7), who seems like he’s still not quite ready. We have had several attempts at going DryNites® free, but with him I feel the physical readiness is still not quite there, as we’ve not yet had any long term success with that. Although we may get the one off odd dry night without the pyjama pants, it’s not the majority, and despite all our attempts the typical result if we leave off the DryNites® is that the bed will still be wet.

With a child wetting the bed at an older age, it’s easy to feel as though maybe you’re doing something wrong, so I’ve found the information from DryNites® quite reassuring. Although not many parents speak openly about it, bedwetting is a very common problem, even until the ages of 7 and over, so if your child does wet the bed – they’re not alone.

With the summer holidays here, that of course brings travel. We have a holiday coming up, and will be visiting relatives too. The possibility of bedwetting can bring extra stress into those situations, but I find DryNites® does really help with that as I know that they’ll give age appropriate protection. I would feel awful to leave wet sheets behind in a hotel, or for family to deal with, and when staying in a self catering lodge (we will be doing that this summer), there’s not always a washing machine which makes bedwetting slightly more inconvenient than it would be at home. I certainly don’t want to spend my holiday down at a launderette sorting out sheets! And I wouldn’t want a wet bed to bring down my child’s mood first thing in the morning, when we’re away enjoying ourselves. So a packet of DryNites® is a definite must-have in our suitcase!

 The DryNites® that you can see above are in size 4-7, with fun Spider-Man designs. They’re easy to pull on, with stretchy sides that give a comfortable fit, and five layers for maximum protection, making them suitable for growing children. You can also get smaller DryNites® in 3-5 or a larger size, suitable for age 8-15 which have designs for slightly older kids. DryNites® are “pyjama pants” and don’t look like nappies, they are also discrete in that they don’t make a rustling sound or look too bulky.

As we continue on with our DryNites® journey, I’m confident that we will get there in the end, in T’s own time. Meanwhile, I will keep encouraging him, stay patient, and make sure we’re always stocked up on DryNites®!

If you’d like to try out DryNites® with your child, visit the DryNites website for a free sample and you’ll also find some more helpful advice there to help guide you and your child through this stage.


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  1. I’m so glad this is being recognised nowadays and there is something in place to help little ones. I used to have accidents when I was 6 or 7 years old and it was upsetting for me, and frustrating for my mum I imagine. It’s a peace of mind to have these to hand when my daughter gets older! Xx


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