Lamaze Cosimo Concerto and Stacking Star Seeker.

I’ve always been a fan of Lamaze toys. They’re brilliant right from birth, and all four kids have enjoyed playing with them. Now that Baby N is getting older, more play options are opening up to her so I was keen to explore some these new Lamaze toys which are suitable for babies 6 months and up.

Cosimo Concerto and Stacking Star Seeker are both new toys to the wide range available from Lamaze.

Cosimo Concerto

This is a really cute toy! At first glance it may look like just a stuffed toy, but it has a working keyboard inside it which makes it really interactive and it has been a big hit in our house.

Each of the coloured stripes on Cosimo plays a different piano note, and the heart just underneath functions as an “on/off” button. The legs and feet have different textures and patterns, similar to the 0+ Lamaze toys, and there are ribbons on the head for another texture too, so lots to explore with this toy as well as being soft and comforting.

Cosimo is a good size, and the piano sounds are easy to activate so N is able to get the sounds out herself as she plays with and explores Cosimo. The design and concept of Cosimo is different to any other toys I’ve come across, and he is just so cute! So I would definitely recommend this toy for babies of around this age (6 months+)

Cosimo is available for 25.99 on the Lamaze website

Stacking Star Seeker

The Stacking Star Seeker is a fun toy to help encourage baby’s motor skills and thinking skills, with lots to explore as they pull apart the pieces, and put them back together. The space ship theme is really cute, and it’s bright and colourful with lots of different pieces.

Each piece in the Stacking Starseeker attaches to the other with velcroe, which is easy enough for babies to manage pulling apart without too much difficulty. There are four pieces of the rocket itself, and then a plastic star, which is good to teethe on, and can fit into a pocket within the rocket, and there’s also a little space man monkey who can go inside the rocket and peep out of the window!

The pieces have textures and sounds, like crinkling, and of course lots of bright colours too. They are soft and the right size for little hands to handle.

Once baby N was sitting up, I’ve found that this type of toy is ideal for keeping her occupied and she enjoys picking up and examining the pieces, passing them from hand to hand, banging them together – all of which are simple activities but help build brain development, so toys like this with a few different pieces are great for this age.

The Lamaze Stacking Star Seeker is available for 19.99 on the Lamaze website

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