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Weaning your little one onto solid food is one of the most exciting milestones of babyhood, but unfortunately it can also be one of the messiest stages! It’s really lovely to see Baby N trying and enjoying new foods, but I find myself scrubbing the kitchen floor three times a day in the aftermath of each meal! This is where the BooginHead Splat Mat comes in.

We were sent the BooginHead Splat Mat to review from Baby&More, and as you can see it fits perfectly under our high chair (Ikea Antilop) covering a wide area of 52 inches round, to help contain any mess, spills, and protect my kitchen floor.

Whether you’re doing baby led weaning or weaning with purees, I find both styles of feeding can lead to equal mess. N tends to grab the spoon and want to feed herself when I give her mashed food, puree or yoghurt, so inevitably the floor gets a few splatters too. As for baby led weaning, the mess speaks for itself!

More and more parents are getting on board with BLW these days, so if that’s you then a decent large sized mat like the BooginHead Splat Mat really will be worth purchasing before you start!

With Baby N crawling around everywhere, I want her to have a clean environment to explore, not be getting dirty on sticky floors, and the Splat Mat makes that much easier to maintain. Our kitchen is right at the front of our house (not a common layout, but it’s the first room you come to when you come in off the hall) so I’m keen to keep the mess there under control at all times, otherwise a dirty floor would be the first impression any visitors get to our home!

The Splat Mat is a thin circle of plastic material (BPA and phthalate free) that can be easily wiped down after meals, or washed with soapy water. When not in use, it folds up compactly so you can store it easily, or even pack it in your bag to take out for picnics, or to use as a safe place for your baby to sit and play out in the park.

It would be big enough for several babies to sit together, so perfect for baby get togethers, and of course gives them a clean place to sit and eat too.

I really like the grey chevron design we were sent as it’s neutral and doesn’t clash with the kitchen, but still looks modern and funky rather than being totally plain.

As N grows older, and hopefully starts to make less mess with her eating, then I can see the SplatMat transitioning into a handy mat for painting or other messy arts and crafts (I can’t wait to get into that with her!) so it really is very multi purpose.

The SplatMat is available for £12.50 on the Baby&More website.


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