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We’ve been away over the weekend (which you may not have noticed as I cunningly scheduled my posts πŸ˜‰ lol.) I went to Tots100 Blog Summit which was my first blogging conference, I really enjoyed it especially meeting up with so many of the bloggers I have been chatting to for so long on Facebook and Twitter. I will do a whole post on that later!

We combined Blog Summit with visiting family up north and went over to Blackpool too – first time I have ever been (quite weird actually, first time there but felt so nostalgic – I think it reminds me of Grimsby/Cleethorpes. It may be the fish, chips n gravy! πŸ˜€ )

So here are a few pics from our trip:


Illuminations!!!! (they were much better than my pic, I am just rubbish at taking pictures of lights!)

Relaxing in the hotel (we stayed in Premier Inn, was nice πŸ™‚ ). Mr Z’s t-shirt is from Usquibble if you are a fellow twitter addict and you feel your child needs one of these πŸ˜€

Joining up with One Dad Three Girls Sunday Photo linky.

Good to see he has broken the rules this week too with one pic, so that means I can get away with it too!


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