All aboard the potty training bus!

huggiespullupsHuggies are on a mission to help parents with potty training and have been going on tour this summer with the help of the Pull-Ups® Potty Training bus – an iconic American style, yellow school bus!

Potty Training Bus1I was planning to go along to one of their blogger events on board the bus, until I realised that I am out of town that weekend which is a shame. Instead I will just tell you all about it, so maybe some of you will get the chance to have a visit with the bus!

Huggies® Pull-Ups® potty training expert and psychologist Emma Kenny will be on board the bus and said:

The aim is to equip parents with as much information as possible and to help their child move confidently through the potty training process.

Parents are sometimes unsure how to tackle this stage in their child’s development and on which products to use so we will be addressing this at each and every event.


I have to admit, toilet training is not one of the parenting areas I find easiest. With my oldest (now 5) I was dreading it due to all the horror stories you do hear from other parents about wee all over the house, and children having to be rushed to the toilet in the supermarket with 2 seconds notice and all the rest of it! However it went surprisingly so much better than I expected, he didn’t give me a lot of trouble at all 🙂 I am still dreading it again with my younger ones though. As my 3 year old has Autism and developmental delays, I’m sure I will have a whole new range of issues to face this time around!

Potty Training Bus3The Huggies bus brings a fun and engaging element to the potty training journey. On board is a mini bathroom splash play area, a mock-up bedroom and before leaving everyone will have their first ever instant graduation photo! Experts are also on hand throughout each day to make the potty training journey smooth; offering advice, top tips and free samples.

To find a potty training event near you, have a look here.

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