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Stuck on You is a great company selling a wide range of personalised products for children, from lunch boxes, to name labels, to clothing and more. The company was created in 1995 by a Mum for her son who needed labels for nursery and now, over 19 years later, they have a huge range of personalised labels and gifts and sell to hundreds of countries over the world.

I first tried out their products last year when I reviewed a selection of items at back to school time, which you can see here. I was pretty impressed and have had so many compliments and questions about these personalised items from friends or even strangers who see them. Those products are still going strong and have lasted well! So I was really happy to get the chance to try out some more lovely products from their range.

Budding Artist Kit

personalised budding artist kit from stuck on youI chose this set for Mr T. He loves drawing these days and it’s such a lovely set with a personalised sketch book along with the personalised colouring pens and pencils.

There is a huge amount of designs to choose from for the front of the sketch book, and there is also  a small graphic on the bottom of each page on the same theme, along with a place to write the date for each picture which is a great touch.

I chose a superhero and tree house theme for Mr T which he was very happy with.

personalised colouring suppliesThe sketch book is a high quality with paper of a good thickness. The set comes with 12 coloured pencils and 10 dual tip markers, these are water soluable and non toxic.

The set would make a lovely gift, with the personalisation it looks much more impressive and thoughtful than just a standard sketchbook and pens. It is definitely that bit more special. Mr T loves the sketch book and has been busy drawing plenty of designs (mainly maps – he loves to draw maps! 🙂 ) Having the name on the pens and pencils is also very handy if your child taking them into school or even if siblings want to keep each of their supplies separate – they won’t be able to get mixed up at all.

personalised colouring pencils


The personalised budding artist set is available for £15.99 from Stuck on You

Personalised Pyjama Sets

children's personalised pyjama set from Stuck on YouJust like with the Budding Artist kit there are so many designs to choose from and I decided to go for the robot design for Mr R which he loves. He is crazy about robots at the moment. The good thing with the wide choice of designs on Stuck on You is that you can easily find something to suit every child. You also get to choose the colours for your pyjamas, from a selection of pink, white, grey or navy and choose the font that you prefer for your child’s name.

stuckonyouc2The material is nice and soft and the print is good quality. Mr T’s personalised t-shirt from last year still looks as good as new even though it’s been worn lots of times! I’m sure Mr R’s will last just as long.

personalised pyjamasYou can buy the short sleeved t-shirt separately or add the shorts and make a set. Although they are labelled as pyjamas they also work well as a casual play outfit for summer. This set would look great for at the beach or playing at the park on a hot day. Mr R looks very cute in it and he loves it because of the robot design. Mr R can’t recognise his name yet but having it on his clothing is a great way to help encourage that skill. Mr T does recognise his now, and he loves to show people that he has it written on his clothes.

personalised t shirt from stuck on you

Stuck on You is a lovely company. I definitely recommend them to others (and have already recommended to my friends). To see more products, check out our previous review.

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