Hand Made Parachutes Summer Craft for Kids

Summer Craft: Handmade Parachutes

This fun craft will help kids think of their downtime in summer as a blessing. They’ve been “up” in school all semester and now it’s time to come “down” and rest. Like a parachute, what goes up must come down!

handmade parachutes craft for kids


• Square of Plastic Wrap
• Strings and a needle
• Small toy
• Ruler
• Marker
• Scissors

handmade parachutes materials


Rest time is as important to us as work. It is the opposite of plant life in nature. During the winter, plants and trees “rest” and during the summer they bloom. For kids, winter, spring and fall are for going to school and working towards building our intellectual and spiritual lives. In the summer we have freedom to pursue other activities. Those activities don’t always mean play-time. There is time to reflect on the bounty of life manifested by the food and plants that grow during the summer.

Take a few minutes each day to appreciate the plants, food and flowers that bloom in the summer.


hand made parachutes instructions

1. Cut a 10 to 12 inch square of plastic wrap. Try to make it as square and even as possible.

2. Use a needle to poke the string through the plastic, and place the string on all four corners of the plastic wrap.

3. Hang a small toy at the bottom of the strings. The heavier the toy, the faster
the parachute will fall.

4. Test your parachute! Success!

handmade parachute

kids parachute craft


Summer creates provide many uplifting opportunities. With less time in school, there is more time to pursue our other interests. We can “fall” fast and hard from our winter activities, or we can float more slowly.

What goes up, must come down. We are “up” all year with school work and clubs and lessons. Even though we still do things in the summer, it is a restful time. We consider this “down time.”

Like our parachutes, what goes up, must come down!

kids parachute summer craft

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