10 Kid-Made Teacher Gifts And Thank You Cards

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As summer approaches, we are getting towards the end of the school year and it’s time to start thinking about thank you cards and thank you gifts for the teachers, after a full year of learning and hard work.

In September most children will be moving on to new teachers and new classrooms, so before saying goodbye to this year’s teacher it is time to start making some home made gifts and cards.

While we’re busy preparing for summer holiday and looking forward to the next stage in school, it’s important to remember to thank those who have helped our children throughout the year!

My kids are lucky to have had great teachers this year. All teachers do a very important job and deserve some appreciation at the end of the school year.

Here is a list of some of our favorite teacher gift ideas and handmade thank you cards to give you some inspiration for your child’s teacher who has gone the extra mile.

10 Thank You Cards That Children Can Make. 

Many of these dear teacher handmade card ideas come with free printable card that you can use.

For some of these cards you can download the PDF file, and for others use the tutorial to put together your own handmade card.

beautiful home made thank you cards that kids can make for teachers at the end of the school year

Click through the link below each one to get the full instructions for each card.

Let’s check out some fun card ideas ready to thank your best teacher at the end of school, or during teacher appreciation week.

Thank You Cards That Kids Can Make

Easy handmade thank you teacher cards for children to make at home

Thank You Teacher Gifts That Children Can Make

Here are some thoughtful gift ideas for a special teacher. Each one makes an impact in your child’s life, nurturing little minds and helping them grow.

home made gift ideas for kids - ideal as teacher gifts, or any kind of thank you gift

Again, click through each link for the full tutorial.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for a thoughtful gift for an elementary teacher, for high school teachers or kindergarten teachers, we have lots of suggestions for a small gift to say thank you to an awesome teacher.

Thank You Teacher Gifts That Kids Can Make

Simple Ideas for homemade thank you gifts for teachers

We hope you enjoyed this list of teacher appreciation gifts for a special teacher.

You can also write a handwritten note, with some heartfelt words and a thoughtful message to show appreciation for a wonderful teacher, and all the different ways they made a difference this past year.

Another simple and popular idea is to give a box of chocolates

guylian box of chocolates
colorful coffee filter flowers
crayon monogram teacher gift idea
Springtime Crafts for Kids Tissue-Paper Flower Pot-
Owl Crafts Hama Bead Keyrings

rainbow thank you card
peekaboo cut out shape thank you cards
thank you card with QR code for video message
mini masterpeice thank you cards


We hope you enjoyed these DIY gift ideas for teachers. It’s always great to show some teacher appreciation!

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  1. Just a card, I’m actually friends with a few teachers and they say that they are quite inundated with gifts at the end of the school year!

  2. Thanks, I really enjoyed finding this item. Many thanks for putting it together. I really do hope that other people, get something meaningful from your contribution here, I did.

  3. we got some pretty handbag size note pads and my son wrote a little thank you message for each teacher on the first page.

  4. I don’t have kids myself,but I always used to take a thank-you card and some flowers to my teacher on the last day of term

  5. No kids, just an overwhelming addiction to chocolate 🙂
    But when I was at school gifts for teachers? suicide, you would’ve had the **** beaten out of you for the rest of the year for doing that.

  6. We made biscotti cos they last a good while so don’t have to be eaten within a few days. I always think teachers end up with too many home made cakes & biscuits or flowers etc that are all gone week 1 and so have nothing for week 2 of the holidays!

  7. We weren’t going to, although after reading all these competitions regarding this, I think we might have to change our stance!

  8. My son is leaving nursery where he has been for four years to start school so we will be getting something that all the staff there can share as they have all played a huge roll in making him the wonderful little boy he is today.

  9. I don’t have children but am a trainee teacher and at the end of my placement was given wine, a box of chocolates and a lovely card signed by the whole class.


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