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Philips have collaborated with Marvel to create a very cool new range of Spiderman lighting available for kids. The range aims to inspire their imagination as they play. 

Philips Spiderman lights

To add to the excitement, Philips are also inviting mums and dads to send in their children’s stories, they’ll be picking the best ones and turning them into an illustration as well as entering them in for a chance to win even more prizes.

  • 1st prize:  A Spider-man bedroom party and customized Marvel animation
  • 2nd prize: 1 of 20 x Philips Marvel Spider-Man lights
  • 3rd prize: 1 of 10 x Spider-Man bedroom prints

To enter, all you need to do is just make sure you post your story (it can be written, recorded or even be a picture) to one of the following channels and include the hashtag #PlaytheHero



IMG_8282 low SCHERM

Here’s our Spiderman themed superhero story

Once upon a time Mr Z and Mr T were walking down the street when suddenly they noticed a strange looking spider on the floor. It was blue and red just like Spiderman. When they looked, it quickly scuttled away. “Hmm… very unusual” said Mr Z to himself, as he had never seen a spider like this before. Unbeknownst to him the spider had given him a quick bite to his leg and charged him up with spider powers!

They carried on with their walk and before too long they came to the park. They heard a sad meowing sound in the distance. It was a cat stuck up a tree. “I’ll help!” shouted Mr T and he scurried up the tree to rescue the cat. The cat was so happy to get some help, and Mr T was happily stroking the cat at the top of the tree for a few minutes before he realised he could not get down. “Mr Z I am stuck with the cat!” he shouted. It was time for Mr Z’s spider power to be activated for the first time. 

He jumped on to the tree and a web appeared. He built the web all the way up to the top to rescue Mr T and the cat. As soon as Mr T stepped on the web, he got spider powers too so he made his own web and travelled back down with that. 

“Wow that was cool!” they said. Next they ran around the park having a race, but really they were looking out for more opportunities to use their new super powers. Luckily they spied a suspicious character lurking in the shadows. “Looks like Green Goblin” said Mr Z. “He’s up to no good” added Mr T. “We better put a web around him.” 

When they caught him and wrapped him up in a web, they noticed a man get off the nearby park bench and quickly transform from Peter Parker into the real spiderman! “Nice to meet you spiderman!” said Mr Z. “You did a great job boys” said spiderman. “Thanks for putting your skills to good use. You have completed your training programme – welcome to the team!” 

Mr Z and Mr T were so proud that spiderman was happy with their work. “Let us know when you have a problem that needs our help” said Mr Z. “We better go home for our tea now, but if you need us just give us a shout!” said Mr T. 

They went home and most of the time they carried on like normal boys, but every now and then they got a call from Spiderman and they had to jump to it and carry out some super hero tasks and save the world from vilians. 

The End

The new range of lighting includes:

Projector Spider-Manbring their bedroom adventures to life by projecting Super Hero images all around them.  Three projector wheels with 24 images mean they won’t get bored.

Wall light Spider-Mangive every day light a Super Hero spin. Fixed to the wall and featuring Spider-Man images, these wall lights provide fun and warm, white, quality LED light day to day.

Pendant and table light Spider-Manmake your child’s room fit for a crime fighter with this lampshade that adds ambiance and adventure.

spiderman lighting night light

Flash light Spider-Man: give them comfort and help them tackle nighttime like a hero with a light that can be used to light the way to find the hallway when finding the loo at night – or, to search for baddies!

 Night light Spider-Man: make them feel secure with this Super Hero light: comforting light when it’s needed controlled by a motion sensor that automatically turns the light on if they wake.  A daylight sensor conserves energy for when it’s needed, and easy installation makes it flexible to move around their hero’s room

IMG_8210 low SCHERM

Mr Z has been trying out the Spiderman projector light and he loves it. It definitely manages to combine lighting and fun!

The projector comes with 3 disks each loaded with 8 spiderman images. You insert each disk into the light and then turn it to change the picture projected onto your wall or ceiling. It gives a great effect and is very easy to use. The further from the wall or ceiling it is, the larger the picture will show, and it works best in the dark. It’s lots of fun for Mr Z to project a spiderman image above his bed to look at while he’s falling asleep! He has only quite recently got interested in Spiderman so he was really happy to get this new light for his bedroom.

The projector also functions as a conventional night light when you change the setting then just the base of the light will glow.

The light takes 3x AA batteries and is not too bulky at all, it fits easily onto a shelf.

If you have a little Spiderman fan, they would definitely love this projector light. If I was a kid, I would totally want one for myself. They are very cool! The projector light has an RRP of £19.99 which is really reasonable, especially as it really has a duel function of a toy and a light. We would definitely recommend it. 

I hope you liked Mr Z and Mr T’s super hero story. Don’t forget to have a go at your own for your chance to win the amazing prizes mentioned above. Good luck!

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What do you think of the lights? Let me know in the comments!

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