10 Resources on Raising Global Citizens

Leanna from All done Monkey is a great blogger who I met through the Kid Blog Network and Multicultural Kid Blogs which she is very involved in. As I’ve mentioned before, teaching our kids to be proud of their mixed and rich cultural background is something I always aim to support. My family come from Ireland, while their Dad’s family come from Sri Lanka and we are Muslim so all the Islamic history is also something that influences our identities and traditions. Celebrating cultural heritage is something All Done Monkey is passionate about too and Leanna shares many posts on the topic of Raising Global Citizens. Leanna is raising her kids to speaks both English and Spanish and also shares posts about Bilingualism.

1o resources for raising global citizens

The ABCs of Raising a World Citizen

Helping Kids Deal with Being “Different

Great Books for Multicultural Kids

raising a bilingual child

Raising Bilingual Kids: What we have learned

How to Teach a Child a Second Language

Multilingualism and Travel 

10 questions to ponder while living in another English Speaking Country

All Done Monkey also run some regular features and link ups on the theme of Multicultural kids, and raising global citizens. You can check them out here:

World Citizen Wednesdays

Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop

Worldwide Culture Swapper Link Up

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  1. My Mum’s first language is Welsh but she never spoke it with us as children so we’ve only got a smattering but we grew up in Ireland & learnt Irish Gaelic which is quite similar. Pity tho’.


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