Smoothing Out the Wrinkles: Ultimate Ironing Hacks and Myths Debunked!

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By Luciana Oliveira

Ironing can feel like a never-ending chore, especially when you’re confronted with a mountain of laundry that looks more like the Himalayas than a week’s worth of clothes. While many of us have been ironing for years, there’s a whole world of myths and misconceptions out there that could be leading us astray.

Let’s dive into the steamy world of ironing and iron out those wrinkles (both literal and metaphorical). We have put together a helpful list of genius ironing hacks, and debunking ironing myths to help with this household chore.

ironing hacks and myths

Ironing Myths, Busted Wide Open!

Ironing, like many household tasks, is riddled with tall tales and handed-down ‘truths’ that might not stand up under scrutiny. Before we jump into the nitty-gritty, let’s separate the steamy facts from the wrinkled fiction.

myths about ironing

MYTH 1: Ironing on a high heat is the ultimate solution.

REALITY: High heat? More like bye heat! Too much heat can be the nemesis of delicate fabrics. Adjusting the temperature according to the fabric is key.

MYTH 2: Ironing is strictly for clothes.

REALITY: Broaden your horizons! Ironing can refresh and straighten out more than just your wardrobe. Think tablecloths, craft projects, or even handkerchiefs. So, think beyond the closet! Ironing is not just for clothes; it’s also a great hack for things like creating crisp edges on fabric crafts, or reviving crushed ribbon. Get creative!

MYTH 3: All ironing boards are created equal.

REALITY: That’s like saying all shoes fit the same! A good quality ironing board can elevate your ironing game. Vileda Ironing Boards and Covers are top-tier in this regard.

MYTH 4: Distilled water in your iron is a gimmick.

REALITY: Regular tap water can leave mineral deposits in your iron over time. Using distilled water or deionised water can prolong your iron’s life and prevent those pesky white spots on clothes.

ironing hacks

13 Ironing Hacks to Make Life Easier

Every task has its tricks of the trade, and ironing is no exception! Ready to elevate your ironing game?

These simple ironing hacks, tried and tested, promise to make the chore less tedious and a whole lot more effective. Let’s dive in!

1. Quick Cool Down

After ironing, hang your clothes up in a cool place. This helps set the fabric and reduces the chance of immediate wrinkles if bumped or brushed against.

2. DIY Starch Spray

Create your own non-toxic starch spray with one tablespoon of cornstarch and 2 cups of water. Mix, pour into a spray bottle, and voilà! Crisp clothes on demand.

3. The Freezer Trick

For lightly wrinkled clothes, put them in a plastic bag and place them in the freezer for 30 minutes. The cold will help smoothen out the wrinkles.

4. Aluminum Foil

Slide a sheet of aluminum foil under your ironing board cover. This reflects the heat, letting you iron both sides of the cloth simultaneously. Efficient and brilliant!

ironing hacks

5. Silk Secrets

Worried about ruining that beautiful silk shirt or silk dress? Place a cloth over the garment and iron over it. This protects the silk from direct heat, ensuring it remains lustrous.

6. Inside Out Magic

Ironing garments inside out helps maintain the color and quality of your clothes. A quick flip makes all the difference!

7. Dryer to the Rescue

If you’re in a hurry and your clothes have minor wrinkles, toss them into the dryer with a damp washcloth or towel for about 10 minutes.

The steam created helps relax the fabric, making it easier to iron or even wear right away.

8. Infuse a Lovely Scent

Make ironing a sensory pleasure by infusing your clothes with a subtle, delightful scent. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil (like lavender or eucalyptus) to the water in your steam iron or in your DIY spray.

This not only makes your clothes smell amazing but also turns the chore of ironing into a more aromatic and enjoyable experience.

9. Mind Your Machine Load

It might be tempting to stuff your washing machine or washer dryer to its brim to cut down on laundry time, but resist the urge!

Overloading can result in more wrinkles. Instead, use smaller loads, which not only clean your clothes more efficiently but also leave them less wrinkled and easier to dry.

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10. The “Iron Dry” Setting is Gold

Many people overlook this gem of a setting on their dryers. Instead of leaving your clothes feeling overly dry, hot, and crunchy, the “iron dry” setting ensures they come out with a bit of dampness — just the right state that makes them easier to iron.

11. Hang, Don’t Heap

After dedicating time to ironing, the last thing you want is to reintroduce creases. Rather than folding and piling them up, hang up your clothes ASAP. This not only preserves your hard work but also keeps your clothes looking fresh and neat.

12. Iron Your Clothes In Order

When you’re about to tackle that pile of clothes, start with the more delicate or less wrinkled items first. As your iron heats up and gets into its groove, you can then move on to the heavier or more wrinkled fabrics. This not only ensures you treat delicate fabrics with the gentleness they deserve but also makes the most of the iron’s increasing heat.

13. Choose the Right Playlist

Ironing doesn’t have to be a silent chore. Boost your mood and efficiency by curating an ironing playlist. Upbeat tracks can make the task feel quicker and even enjoyable. Sing along, dance a bit, and watch those wrinkles disappear in rhythm!

Combining the right techniques with a positive atmosphere can truly transform the ironing experience. Give it a go and groove those creases away!

ironing hacks

The key to a smoother ironing experience (pun intended!) is as much in the prep as in the actual process. With a strategic approach to ironing, you can maximize efficiency and get the best results.

Embrace these hacks and watch as your ironing routine becomes a breeze! These tips will not only save you time but also ensure your clothes look their absolute best.

TLC for Your Tools

Your iron and board are the dynamic duo of the ironing world. Maintaining them ensures consistent results and longevity. Regularly clean the base of your iron to avoid transferring any gunk onto your clothes. A dirty iron plate will undo all of your efforts, so definitely keep an eye on that.

And when it comes to the board, a steady and sturdy one like Vileda’s paired with a quality cover can make a world of difference.

In the grand scheme of household chores, ironing might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But with these tips and tricks, you’re well on your way to turning that chore into a more enjoyable, productive task and enjoying your crisp fresh clothes.

So, roll up those sleeves and show those wrinkles who’s boss!

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