Parenting Hacks to Childproof (Almost) Everything

Kids do often break things and make a mess. It’s pretty much inevitable somewhere along the line but to help minimise the damage caused by your beloved offspring why not try some of these simple parenting hacks to childproof (almost) everything. These tips will help to prevent your children from coming to any harm, and protect your belongings from being accidentally broken!

As a first time parent with my eldest as a baby, I used to let him hold my phone and even teethe on it since he liked it so much. Well, needless to say it soon broke due to water damage after he had drooled on it so much! Nice I know.. I have since learned my lesson, and was not so free and easy with letting my second and third children use my phone as a toy.

15 parenting hacks to help you fix and childproof almost everything


Parenting Hacks to Fix and Childproof (Nearly) Everything

Of course, not everything can be fixed, and it’s always worth having insurance to cover your valuables so that you don’t stress so much in the instances that they can’t be!

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But for those little fixes that you can do yourself – why not try some of these simple ideas.

1. Build a phone holder out of Lego, for your kids to watch videos hands free. If they don’t need to pick it up and carry it around there’s less chance of it being dropped or broken!

Build a Lego phone holder for children to watch videos without holding the phone and reduce the risk of dropping or breaking

2. Fix tangled dolls hair with this simple method

How-to-Fix-Doll-Hair-Set-up-a-barbie-salon.-My-girls-love-this-simple-trick-and-it-totally-worksFrom: Housing a Forest

3.  Use a shower curtain as a mat for painting and messy play to protect your furniture


4. If you need to clean your old shower curtain before using it, here’s how.

5. Use a glue gun on the bottom of slippery shoes to prevent your child from slipping

gluegunshoesFrom: Facebook: CentralCoastTeachingTots

6. Remove stains from carpets with this 2 ingredient spray

DIY-carpet-stain-removerFrom: Kids Activities Blog

7. Glue up the holes in your bath toys so that there is no space for that weird black mould to grow (you know the stuff I mean!)

glue bath toys life hackFrom :

8. Put your iPad into “kid mode” : Instructions here

9. Create a cardboard organiser to keep phones out of reach on the counter top, and prevent breakages.

organiserFrom: Crafto Art

10. Keep toddlers away from computer power buttons with Sugru

2015_01_29_9999_6_1_thumbFrom: Mama Smiles

11. Use a cupcake liner underneath lollies to prevent drips and sticky messes on clothes and furniture

cupcake liner lolly hack

12. Use a waterproof lifeproof case to protect your phone and tablet

13. Clean your dirty Lego with this easy method

washing-lego-2From: Gettin By

14. Prevent doors from closing with a rubber band

parenting hack prevent doors from closing with a rubber bandFrom: Good House Keeping

15. Use crib sheets as seat protectors in the car

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I hope these come in handy! If you have some tried and tested tips of your own, share them in the comments.

Don’t forget to pin them so that you can come back to them when you need them!

15 parent life hacks to fix (almost) everything

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  1. Wish I had a glue gun years ago when I wore heels to work on slippery hard floors every day! I would have used that tip myself.

    Most toys can either go in the washing machine or the dishwasher. Unless it’s tech or battery operated – then only wash by hand!


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