A couple of weeks ago, we went along to see Skribbies being show cased in their Pop up Shop in Chelsea. These are such fun shoes, and since that day Mr Z has not been seen wearing any other pair of shoes!

skribbies display
Skribbies on display

The idea of Skribbies is shoes that you can draw on, then wipe, then draw again – and repeat as many times as you like.  I love the idea of these because I always wanted customisable stuff as a kid but I was not allowed it! Luckily for Mr Z, he was given a pair so he is able to customise to his heart’s content. His immediate reaction was “wow, cool!” and he straight away started writing all his favourite things all over the shoes. On the event day he was in a Kerwhizz mood (The CBeebies quiz for those who don’t know it!) so he wrote Kerwhizz on the side of his shoes then decorated with some stickers.

The shoes come with a pack of pens, a set of reusable stickers to decorate the shoes, and a wrist band which can be used to wipe the shoes clean. This has space for one pen if your child wants to take one while on the go, in case they need to add any vital extra details to the shoe design!

As well as trying out their new shoes, Skribbies had organised some face painting fun for the children and CBeebies presenter Sid was there too! Mr Z was really shy to go and talk to him. He may have been a bit star struck as he’s never seen anyone from TV before, so I did not manage to get any picture of him with Sid. Sid did come and say hello to him though, as he may have noticed Mr Z was too shy, so that was nice of him 🙂

Mr Z did get a very cool face paint design – a train on his cheek! He was really pleased with his new look, with a train face and Skribbies on his feet! 😀

train face paint
Train face and Skribbies feet!

If you look closely, you can see that Mr Z has customised the yellow display pair too he could not resist it! (It says Kerwhizz like the ones he did for himself)Back at home, Mr Z is still enjoying drawing on his shoes. His ideas have varied from colouring in the whole shoe, to drawing “rocket boosters” on the back. He loves being able to make his shoe design into whatever he wants. The only complaint he has had is that sometimes he has accidently wiped his design off by mistake, sometimes it can come off a little bit too easily so he has had to re-do it.

drawing on shoes
More designs every day

Mr Z has said that he wants to take his new shoes into school for Show and Tell in September, to show to all his class mates. I’m sure any child would love the idea of these, and it would make a great gift too – something a bit different from the usual!

Here he is with Mr K from ET Speaks from Home, both showing off their new Skribbies. (Their review is here)
1079649_10151495445501367_1818783354_nThe Skribbies come in Neon Black (on Mr Z), Navy Blue (on Mr K) and also in Pink. They are all in high tops, and low tops also may be availabe in the future. Each pair of Skribbies is £35.90 and they come in sizes 10-3

Skribbies High Tops pink
Press Shot: The full set of shoes and accessories

For more info or to buy, visit the Skribbies website, or you can follow them on Twitter or like them on Facebook.


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