We are off to Wales

This weekend I have been busy packing because we are going camping! Not actually in a tent, because I have never been camping at all before and I do like a bit of home comforts so we are going to be staying in a wooden wigwam. I think this will be a gentler introduction to the world of camping (especially cos we have gone for one with running water.) A while back I won a voucher from Wigwam Holidays which I am putting towards the trip. I’m glad I did, because otherwise I don’t know if we would have got the idea to look at staying in a wigwam like this but it looks like it will be a lot of fun!

The site we chose is in the North of Wales, at Clwydian Wigwams

Picture from wigwamholidays.com

It looks so peaceful and calm. It should be lovely to get away from everything and spend some family quality time. I love to see the boys running around in the fresh air away from the TV and computers and back to basics for a bit. Just hoping the weather will stay nice, apparently it’s forecast some rain my husband said – so I have packed all the kids waterproof stuff just incase – but I will keep my fingers crossed for some sun instead cos really that will be a lot nicer!

There seems to be lots to explore, like castles, ruins, railways. We are only there for a couple of days so will have to see which we end up doing. I will come and share all about it for another country kids post when I am back whatever we end up choosing! I will also be sharing about which products have come in handy, as we have been sent a few things to try out while travelling with the kids. I will be doing a general guide for Parent Savers too, as I am a regular contributer for their blog, so look out for that.

I am not taking my laptop with me. I can get email, FB and Twitter on my phone but I will try not to do too much cos the whole point is to switch off for a bit!

Can’t wait! I am linking this up with Country Kids, a Linky from Coombe Mill all about enjoying the outdoors
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  1. we were thinking of going to Wales next year, we usually go camping in Scotland but after reading this post I fancy a change


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