Moonlite Storytime Projector Review

Moonlite is a children’s story book projector that attaches to almost any mobile phone, allowing you to bring an extra dimension to story time and create an immersive and magical experience with your child. I had first heard of Moonlite when the initial concept was launched via Kickstarter by mother Natalie Rebot, and I was immediately really impressed with the idea. Luckily the concept was so popular that it exceeded it’s fundraising goals tenfold, and quickly caught retailers attention too. Now, Moonlite is available in the UK and I couldn’t wait to try out the products!

There are a variety of Moonlite packs which you can buy, ranging from Starter Packs, Gift Packs and single Story Reels.

We were sent the Moonlite Fairy Tales Gift Pack (RRP 39.99) and the Dinosaur Roar Story Reel (RRP 7.99). Other packs available include Mr Men, Eric Carle’s popular “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and “The Very Busy Spider”, Spot the Dog and Beatrix Potter’s “The Tale of Jemima PuddleDuck” and “The
Tale of Peter Rabbit.”

The Fairytale pack includes 5 stories: The Ugly Duckling, Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks, Jack and the Beanstalk and Sago Mini on Vacation.

With a starter pack or a gift pack, you will get the Moonlite projector, as well as your story reels. And in all packs, you get an activation code which allows you to download the relevant stories onto your Moonlite app (which is free to download)

The Moonlite projector is small and light, and very easy to handle. You don’t have to remove your phone case to use it, which makes life much easier. It just clips into place, and is flexible so it will fit onto most phone models, rather than needing to be a specific size.

Once the projector is in place, a little target will show up within the app, making sure that you can align it perfectly to get as crisp and sharp an image as possible.

It doesn’t take long at all to get everything set up and get started with your first story!

The Moonlite projector uses the phones flashlight to project the story images onto any surface. We found projecting onto the ceiling works very well, and having the room as dark as possible really helps to make it more effective too.

As you go through the story, you just twist the story reel to get the next image, and swipe the app to get the next page of the story. Within the app, you’ll see the story text which you can read aloud, and where a word is highlighted with a circle, there will be a special sound effect – for example animal sounds.

Moonlite offers a really nice mixture of technology and traditional story time, with the parent still being very much involved in reading the story to your child. I would never want to replace bed time stories with an app, but Moonlite does not take away from the bed time story bonding time. It’s a really unique product that gives you a new way to enjoy stories together with your child, and we found it made our story times really exciting – especially in bringing a new dimension to familiar stories we know and love.

Dinosaur Roar is a story that has been read hundreds of times in our house, and has been passed down from child to child! It was great to experience one of our favourite stories with Moonlite to make it feel like something new and different.

With the clocks going back this weekend, the darker evenings are a perfect time to embrace storytelling and to get settled down enjoying an immersive Moonlite story before bedtime. Moonlite is best suited to children around 1-7 years old, depending which stories you select, but all of my kids were interested in joining in with the Moonlite story times! (ages 1-10)

The product is available at all good retailers including The Entertainer, Smyths Toys and Amazon – Visit to find out more, and Join us tomorrow at 6pm for a Moonlite Twitter party, hosted by @SpinmasterUK

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