Jungle Speed Safari Game

Jungle Speed Safari is a fun and fast paced family game with an animal theme. The boys and I have enjoyed playing this together and it’s ideal for family game nights.

jungle speed safari game


Inside the box you get 5 coloured animal totems, a stack of cards, the rule book, and a handy storage bag. The whole game is pretty compact, so it’s ideal for travelling and does not take up too much storage space in your playroom or child’s bedroom – which is a definite plus for me, we are always running out of space!

The game involves taking turns to select a card from the top of the pack, and following whatever action you’re prompted to take. There are 5 different types of cards, each in different colours, and for most of them you have to act very quickly to win the card.

Some of the cards include:

  • blue animal cards where you have to be the first to grab the right totem for the food matching that animal
  • hunter card where you have to grab a card from another player
  • colour cards where you have to run and touch something in the room of the matching colour – or for an easier option, be the first to grab that colour of totem
  • angry animal cards where you have to do an impression of the animal

playing jungle speed safariThe totems are all wooden and stand up very well, and have a good quality finish so that they will last through lots of play.

Jungle Speed Safari is recommended for age 6+ which is Z’s age. He grasped the game very quickly and enjoyed playing a lot, so that age recommendation seems about right. He really enjoyed the speed element and racing to be the fastest.

playing jungle speed safari

My younger boys aged 5 and 3 were also able to play, but with a little more help. Even my youngest (3) enjoyed looking at all the animals and joining in with the animal impressions so it is a game that can work for the whole family together.

The game is for 2-6 players and I think the more you have, the more fun you will get out of the game as it becomes more lively.

playing jungle speed safari


We were sent Jungle Speed Safari to review from Esdevium Games. It’s available in many toy shops including Amazon (affiliate) RRP £14.99

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