Reverse The Adverse Health Effects of Technology With Simple Tips

With the advent of technology, we are getting almost everything without moving from our comfort. You can work from anywhere, order meals, and not to worry about meeting friends just make them video call and stay engaged for hours. Everything is quite simple nowadays. As everything has two sides of story, definitely indulging in technology has the other story to tell. It is about the adverse impact of technology in our immune system.  The immune system is our body’s first defence mechanism against viruses and diseases. Now pandemic all around the globe has made us realize the importance of a stronger immunity system. World has noticed, more people are up to using immune boosters including amla powder nowadays. But people are taking supplements out of the fear not health consciousness. The article exposes simple and easy ways to boost immunity. So that you will not fall sick so often and reverse the adverse effects of technology. 

  • Water Consumption: It is very important to look after your immune system these days. But boosting the immunity system can not be built in just one day. So, strive toward it every morning to enhance functioning the immune system. Maybe pandemic keeps crippling the world but with small morning rituals you can force a paradigm shift to better immunity that leads to happier you. As you get up in the morning drink lukewarm water. In world war, japanese soldiers were suffering from diseases but when they started drinking lukewarm water they realized a big difference in their immunity. Since then common people of Japan start drinking water in the morning and claim to have a wide range of health effects. You can add amla powder in lukewarm water to increase the taste and nutrient values. But most importantly it improves your immunity as amla is a great source of vitamin C a potent antioxidant that is known for fighting against free radicals.
  • Exercises: People are already doing exercise, especially going to the gym. But some people know that doing exercises is not only for looking good but also supports a better immune system. For better immunity, you need not to lift heavy weights, just right types of exercises for right timing periods can help you to do so. As you wake up in the morning, you need not stand up immediately. Just sit, put a smile on your face, stretch your body fully, and meditate for a few minutes. After performing, daily routine, you should do yoga and bodyweight training. Air quality is low these days, so avoid running and heavy breathing exercises. Otherwise these may have adverse impacts on your health. Morning is the best time to do exercises as you will get better air quality, noise free surrounding, and peace. 
  • Oil massage: Vitamin D is quite crucial for strengthening immunity. We generally get vitamin D from the sun. But under the scorching sun, we hardly dare to stand under it. If we do an oiling massage to the body for 15 minutes at least everyday, the body will get many health benefits including enhanced immunity, proper blood circulation, better nutrient absorption, and many more. It is one of the best methods to reverse bad effects of a sedentary lifestyle. And ensures bone health, skin and hair health. Use different oils for wide health benefits. But the question is still the same: how can we take a sunbath under scorching heat. So for it you need to do these things in the morning. You can use amla powder to reduce the suntan and improve the skin tone. Take two tablespoons of powder with one teaspoon of honey, yoghurt, and mix it well. Apply it to your neck, face, and affected areas and keep it there for 20 minutes. This will help in lightening the tan. 
  • Immunity booster foods: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E are the essential vitamins that can boost the immune system. It increases the white blood cells in your body that helps in fighting harmful diseases and infections. The meal that consists of all these vitamins are known as immunity booster foods. To get these vitamins especially vitamin C, you need to have citrus fruits including oranges, Indian gooseberries, grapefruit, lemons, clementines, organes, limes, and many others. Along with that red bell peppers, broccoli, garlic,  ginger, and others are called immunity booster foods as these are full of minerals that you need for strengthening the immunity system. You need to have a recommended amount of vitamin C which isn 75 mg in females and 90 mg for males if you are using supplements. Along with these there are some foods full of protein and other important nutrients like crabs, oysters, mussels, lobster, shellfish, poultry, and many more to improve your immune system. 
  • Sound Sleep: People often ignore sleeping. With the advent of technology, we are more exposed to different things to get entertained on the screen. With the increased screen time, we have seen a drastically change in our sleeping pattern. People don’t feel sleepy at night but feel lethargic throughout the day. Now they are unable to concentrate on things  and have some other health issues like a weak immunity system, obesity, Diabetes, hypertension, heart issues, hair loss, and many more. To get a better sleep, you must do some things that your body demands including: dining intense training, restricting the screen time,  set alarm for sleeping and waking up, avoid drinking before going to bed, don’t eat much at night, take a walk after dinner, do meditation, keep temperature low of sleeping room, and many more. Try to take a sound sleep of  8 hours and improve your immune system and overall health. 


Technology is deep rooted in our life the same as the adverse effects of it on our health especially in our immune system. With these some simple tips you can reverse the adverse effect of technology. For extra health benefits you can use herbal products including amla powder, apple cider vinegar, and others under a good surveillance of health experts. Surely, you will get a strong immune system in just a few months

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