5 Benefits of playground equipment on child development

Playgrounds are essential for a child’s development. When equipped with the right tools, Playgrounds make excellent areas to naturally allow child development. Besides being a way of entertaining the children, playgrounds play a big role in a child’s health, encouraging the development of body and mind. They provide the child with an opportunity to practice physical, emotional, social and mental skills. 

It is through play that children explore their world and discover just how much they can impact and make a difference. At Creative Play, we believe child development is very important. 

Our experts offer the help needed to understand the benefits of having the right playground equipment. Most importantly, we go out our way to supply the best playground equipment made in the UK. Pointed out below are some benefits that a child is guaranteed to acquire through equipment recommended by our team of experts.

Physical benefits

Certain playground equipment that allows physical development in children. Climbers, swings and slides for instance, provide a wide range of playing experiences that involve a lot of physical activity for kids. 

At Creative Play we incorporate walls, climbing frames, nets and more, which aid in developing a child’s energy, balance, speed, flexibility, strength and body coordination. Children are also encouraged to improve their instincts. From the vigorous play, children’s risk of obesity among other related lifestyle conditions, are reduced.

Problem-solving skills and persistence

Climbers, mazes and other innovative equipment challenge children, as they figure their own way around a certain play area. Eventually, this enhances a child’s problem-solving skills, whilst encouraging a healthy mind. Playground equipment challenges children to be persistent and strive hard to accomplish a certain playground activity that may seem difficult. Children are encouraged not to give up achieving a certain goal, boosting up their self-confidence.


Cooperation and Collaboration

There are specific playgrounds that require children to play together. Such equipment includes swings and seesaws. This equipment requires children to work together through collaborating and taking turns, so that they can all benefit. Children also learn how to communicate with each other in the process. Our equipment at Creative Play encourages children to work as a team since they need each other’s help while using equipment such as swings. The equipment teaches children the social normalities which are beneficial for the future. Children acquire more social skills such as resolving conflicts, overcoming shyness and embracing diversity, as they interact with children from different backgrounds. Children also experience interactions with older children who help them as they play with difficult equipment. Such interactions are important when it comes to a child’s social experiences.


 At Creative Play, we provide equipment that boosts a child’s creativity. Equipment such as climbing towers, again enhances the child’s imaginative world where they imagine the equipment to be obstacles presented to them, blocking their way and that they need to overcome. Imagination enables children to develop a sense of self-identity as well as becoming aware of their likes and dislikes.

Makes learning fun

Equipping schools with such playground equipment, encourages children to attend school as they look forward to playing with each other and with their favourite equipment, which may not be available in their homes. During breaks, children embrace the freedom to play and have fun, refreshing their minds and in turn making their learning exciting. Playgrounds and play equipment influence a child’s ability to learn and develop as they spend more time in schools.


A playground should be well designed to encourage children to play and gain certain developmental skills. The kind of play that children engage in, in the playground, not only refines their skills but also their core strength. Children develop better coordination and balance, as well as being aware of their bodies.

Playground equipment also has emotional impacts on children. Children are able to release stress as well as deal with their emotions. Play distracts children from their problems, enabling them to maintain self-control and reduces the chances of them misbehaving, as their attention is fully invested in playing. 

Why choose Creative Play for child development

Here at Creative Play, we are aware of the importance of play equipment in the development of children. We are invested in developing and inventing products that are beneficial to children through fun adventures, that enable them to explore their world. 

Our range of playground equipment is carefully selected and stocked to guarantee child development. Our team of experts put in a lot of effort to ensure high levels of thought and care are used, when creating the equipment. As a leading supplier of playground equipment made in the UK. We believe our products can revolutionise how child development occurs in your children.

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