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Mr R and Mr T have been trying out the Peppa Pig Colorino from Ravensburger. This is a basic game for colouring matching skills, suitable for age 2+ and they have both really enjoyed it.



The activity involves large coloured buttons which can be placed over the suitable colour space on the board. The buttons are easy for little ones to handle, but will still help to develop fine motor skills as they manipulate them carefully into place.  Mr R who is 2 years old was absolutely fine with the activity and did not find it frustrating at all. He enjoys working on his colours, and we are reinforcing colour recognition and colour naming with him at the moment as he has his colour matching firmly in place. He was happy to say the colour names while choosing and placing his buttons on the board, and pointed excitedly at different details within the Peppa Pig pictures.


You get 4 different picture boards included with the Colourino. [Three shown here, the other one was being used by the kids!] Each board shows a different scene with Peppa Pig and her brother George, with simple areas to match the colours like the balloons, the grass or flowers. Each space has a circle clearly marked out which makes this easier for the young children.



There is only one board included but if your children are able to share then the activity can be done together. My boys were quite happy to sit together and both take part in the activity, so it’s not something that has to be done strictly by one child at a time.



Although the game is for age 2+, it really engaged Mr T who is 4 years old just as well as Mr R so I was pleased to see that it does seem to have some long lasting appeal and it’s not something that would quickly become too babyish.

On the reverse of the colour cards there are the same images in gray scale. This is a little more challenging if your child would like to design and choose the colours themselves. Mr T (4) was very interested in trying this out, while Mr R (2) preferred the colour matching version.


Overall it’s a great product. I am a fan of Ravensburger, I find their products always tend to be very good quality and deliver plenty of entertainment, educational benefits, and good value. This one is no different!

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  1. I love how educational yet fun this looks. I will definitely be getting this for my son, thanks for the review 🙂 x


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