Amazing Details to Include in Your Child’s Bedroom

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Decorating a child’s space is one of the most fun projects you can do in your home, whether a dedicated playroom or a child’s bedroom, you have the freedom to get creative and include lots more playful features then you would usually do elsewhere in the house. We’ve been through several bedroom themes over the years including outer space, harbour and lighthouse, under the sea, castles and dragons and jungle. I’m currently toying with adding a circus themed corner to our playroom. Whatever theme you go with, they are lots of little details you can add to give a child’s bedroom a little more excitement.

Amazing Details to Include in your Child’s Bedroom

If you’d like to transform your child’s bedroom into a slightly more inspiring space or just want to make it a little more fun, you don’t have to make any big, drastic changes to the decor. Instead, you could just include a few amazing details in it to really make them smile. We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite things that kids are guaranteed to love.

Amazing details to include in your child's bedroom: world maps, chalk board, height chart, fairy doors, make an angel tent and more

A child-friendly world map

Help your child to gain an interest in world geography early on and have something beautiful to put on the wall – result! There are loads of child-friendly world maps around, and there are even some interactive ones which would be great if your family loves travelling. We love this one as it features things like animals and famous landmarks which are sure to help your child remember places a little better, too.

We had a world map wall sticker in our playroom for quite a wall, which you can see in the pictures here


Wall decals – stickers or prints

There are loads of these around the internet and in stores at the moment as vinyl wall decals are a much easier solution for wall art than putting up pictures. They can also be a lot cheaper as well. Not on the High Street has some really lovely ones for kids of all ages, including fairy ones, animal ones and space themed ones.

These are so convenient. When Mr T and Mr Z were born we were renting and moved house frequently so this was such a practical solution and an easy way to add personality to a room without having to re paint.

A reading corner

If your little one loves nothing more than curling up with a good book, provide them with their own little space to let their imagination run wide with the help of their favourites. Transform a corner or little nook of their room into a reading nook, complete with a chair or squishy floor cushions, shelves and a reading light.

I love these, and have featured a couple over on my top 35 creative play spaces for kids. There are so many different ways to achieve a great reading nook!

A chalkboard wall

Or how about a chalkboard wall for them to display their art work on, and to write and draw straight on to? You can even DIY your own chalkboard wall, following a simple tutorial like this one, and it’s surprisingly cheap and easy! You can actually purchase chalkboard paint (or whiteboard paint, if you prefer) too.

We have just installed a chalk board wall in our playroom which you can see here.


Fairy lights

You can display fairy lights everywhere to add an instant feel of magic into a child’s room; around a bed post, along a wall, across shelving etc. For extra magical affect, you could even dangle them down between sheer curtains for a beautiful, warm glow. There are curtain linings found here that can work well, too.

Rebecca has tried out this idea to make a handmade angel play tent over on Here Come the Girls and it looks great!

We’ve also had fun making our own simple blanket forts using safe LED fairy lights. You could use these little areas as a reading nook too!

make a blanket fort den with fairy lights

A growth chart

Help them to keep track of just how big and strong they’re getting by sticking up a growth chart on their bedroom wall. If you have more than one child, you could get a double sided one, or you could opt for one per child. We have this one, a tall tape which you can roll up when not in use – but we have it permanently attached to the door.

Tooth fairy door

This is probably our favourite thing on the list as it’s ridiculously sweet. Amaze your little ones by installing a tooth fairy door in their bedroom so that the tooth fairy has easy access to get to their teeth when they fall out!

What are your favourite features to add to a child’s room? Let me know in the comments!

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