Ravensburger Let’s Visit Santa! Limited Edition 1000 Piece Puzzle Review

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Ravensburger Let’s Visit Santa! is a beautiful puzzle, with 1000 pieces to give you a good challenge and last a while before it’s completed, but at the same time the picture is not too difficult, meaning that it’s a lovely one for older children to get involved with too and it can be made together for some festive family quality time.

I really enjoyed this puzzle as there is lots to look at, in many different sections of the puzzle with the toys boarder around the front, the main santa section and then an outdoor snowy section too but it all comes together beautifully.

The colours are really bright and jolly, and the image brings back lots of Christmas nostalgia. Although I enjoy doing 1000 piece puzzles all year round as I find it relaxing, Christmas puzzles have to be a definite favourite. And if you don’t always get time to do puzzles through the year, then Christmas is a great excuse to take some time out and put together a larger puzzle like this.

It is a great way to pull the older kids away from their screens for a bit, and just to relax and spend time together. I always get a sense of accomplishment in finishing a 1000 piece puzzle, and I found that my kids were just the same, being quite pleased with themselves to help finish certain sections of the puzzle. That’s one of the great things about this particular puzzle that it does have lots of sections, so one child could finish the tiger for example and one child finish santa or the train and they both feel the accomplishment of doing those particular bits.

As with all Ravensburger puzzles, this is great quality with pieces that fit together easily, don’t bend and break, and feel well made.

We all enjoyed this Ravensburger Let’s Visit Santa puzzle, and would definitely recommend it for family time or for relaxation over Christmas.

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