Beasts of Balance Review

Beasts of Balance is a really cool toys to life balancing game that uses your tablet as well as the beautifully crafted beast figures and artefacts to bring new worlds to life, create new combinations, and test your balancing skills.

As soon as my boys (7, 9 and 10) saw this game, they were drawn to it straight away and really excited to play, and it did not disappoint.

Beasts of Balance comes in a box with the plinth (which you use as a base when balancing your pieces), and artefacts including beasts, element blocks such as fire, water, air and earth, and some special shaped pieces which have special effects in the game.  All of the beasts are beautifully created, and so pleasing to look at and handle. You can tell a lot of thought has gone into the design and aesthetics of these pieces as well as the concept of the game, and the digital side of it.

Once you’ve opened up the box, you just need to install the free to download app (available via apple or android devices) and then it’s very quick and easy to get playing. Soon my boys were busy balancing and creating, and they were hooked on the game straight away, managing to create some quite detailed and cool lands with many pieces.

While playing, if your tower of beasts collapses, then you are given a set amount of time to quickly get all those pieces back onto your plinth if you want to keep playing – but if you fail, then you’ve lost that game. The pieces can be stacked in any order, and the kids soon worked out strategies for how to get the most on which is all good for logical thinking, and dexterity!

I was really pleased to see that the new expansions that have been released, enable you to play Beasts of Balance as a multi player game, which is ideal when you have siblings of similar age and interests who want to battle each other. In the new multi player expansion, two or three players can take part – each being the master of a land (sky, sea or land) and as well as working to build up their own lands, they can then steal from each other, smite each other or so on.

This new expansion comes with cards which you scan on the plinth to play those actions. Here are just a few of them…

We’ve found that the pieces from the expansion set were able to fit within the main box to store, which is handy as we’re able to keep it all together.

With this expansion can also buy more beasts to add to your collection – such as chameleon, angler fish and flamingo, and there is even a new legendary beast – Magmaaargh the dragon, which would definitely appeal to my kids.

Beasts of Balance is a great concept, and I was really happy to see that the great concept does follow through with a great experience. The app works smoothly, the pieces are all of a great quality, and it’s very enjoyable to play. The kids came back to it again and again, and I’m sure they will continue to play.

It’s a fantastic hybrid of digital and physical play, and I would definitely recommend.

To find out more about Beasts of Balance and the expansions that are available please visit

We were sent the Beasts of Balance game and expansion in order to review.

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