Ravensburger Gardening World Spring 1000 Piece Puzzle Review

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Gardening World is a beautiful 1000 piece puzzle from Ravensburger which is really relaxing to do, with a colourful and uplifting Spring time garden image and lots of detail.

This puzzle comes with seasonal tips and planting ideas from Pippa Greenwood, of TV’s Gardener’s World and BBC4’s Gardener’s Question Time, which is a lovely idea. I’m not a very skilful gardener myself, but do enjoy listening to Gardener’s Question Time on the radio from time to time, and the tips included in the leaflet seem quite simple and easy to follow, if the beautiful picture of the finished puzzle does give you the nudge you need to get outside and sort the garden out this Spring!

I found this puzzle a little challenging to begin with, until you start to get a feel for the slightly different plants, as there are a few sections with similar types of flowers but once I had made a good start with the puzzle, I soon flew through the rest of it and really enjoyed completing this.

My youngest also couldn’t resist getting involved with this puzzle, and many times I found her up at the dining table trying to have a go with “Mummy’s puzzle!” Of course a 1000 piece puzzle is not doable for her at 2 years old! But I found while I had my puzzle out in progress (it takes me around a week normally, as I have to complete in the evenings after everything is done for the day) it definitely piqued her interest and she was asking many times per day to do her own puzzles together with me. As a keen puzzler, this always makes me happy to see the kids joining in with this hobby!

The gardener’s World puzzle has lots of details and different areas to explore, something which I always enjoy in the Ravensburger puzzles. Some of these details link in to Pippa Greenwood’s gardening tips too, like the bird feeder here.

Along with the blooming garden, you also put together a happy couple working together, and their dog relaxing in the sun, which just adds the final touch to the scene.

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