9 Ways to Redecorate your Bedroom with a Summer Vibe

Well, its that time of the year when you store away your thermals and sweaters, and open your doors and windows to let the beautiful golden sunlight in. This being the hottest season, with the longest days on record, we’ll bet you will be looking for ways to make your room feel cooler and brighter.

What if we tell you that simply changing your décor by adding some custom artificial trees, throwing in some new crisp sheets paired with vivid pillow casings, or placing a resin privacy screen door instead of the thick drapes would subtly improve your bedroom décor to a more enjoyable and joyful vibe! 

That’s why we have listed below some key points that you only need concern yourself with. So, sit back, scroll down and let us do the hard work for you.

Bring Home Some Faux Trees or Plants

Approach your dilemma in style; place faux trees in your bedroom. If you love walking in a garden or want to own an exotic plant species without breaking your bank, then this is your stop. Artificial trees win by a landslide (pun intended) against genuine trees as myriad varieties are readily available in the market. They require zero maintenance and attention. It just saves money, to come to the point. 

Here’s how you can use artificial plants to redecorate your bedroom.

A walled garden is a sure-fire way to give your room that tropical feeling you are looking for. Well now’s your chance to have a garden at fraction of the cost. If that cosy empty corner in your room still craves for your attention, the artificial palm trees would perfectly fill the void. To aesthetically improve your bedroom décor try placing bedside bush, that are small, cute and easy to move artificial bushes. You can custom order them to the colour of your liking. 

You can also put up some creepers on your bedroom balcony wall. Right now, multitude varieties are available in the market such as the wall ivy or the fake jungle vines. The plus side is that you can take it down whenever you want it to and not leave a mess on the wall. If you would prefer an arrangement that doesn’t take up much space while looking for a dash of greenery, then we’ll suggest to go for the mini-garden.

Time to Purge it all

Its summer, come on! It’s time to get rid of things that are lying around the room that you haven’t given much attention to and you probably will not. Roll back that rug, remove those thick blinds to let in the sunlight and throw in some new sheets. Your room will definitely feel airier and more open. Go for this if you would like to start over new with a seasonal refresh.

Chic it up

If you are more of the fashionable kind it’s time to step up. One of the go-to methods to up the ante is to replace the current furniture with an antique piece. This gives your room the vintage vibe you have longing for. Begin with a cautious approach in this matter, start with something small and inconspicuous such as your bedside lamp. Replace it with something simpler yet fulfilling, and if you love it, swap out your furniture to give a royal look to your room.

Give a new beginning to your walls

The choice is up to you. Both are excellent choices while wallpapers do tend to be long-lasting and easy to put-up. Furthermore, if you really love paintball matches, then it’s time to hold one in your room. Lay out a plastic sheet on your bedspread and cover anything that might be exposed to the paint except the walls and start shooting. 

Then end result will be a wild combination of colours on your wall. If you’d prefer the time-tested hand-painting, that’s fine too. Also, if you’d fancy monotone colours, try using light hues such as blue or yellow to lend your room that soft look. 

Make your Bed, Again!

Don’t tell us you are still using that dull blanket this summer? In order to give your room the summer vibe that you have been looking for, we advise you to strip your bed bare of any covering. Use white striped crisp sheets with vivid-hues pillow casings and pair it with a light toned preferably light cream or olive to match with the décor. If you’d prefer a more tropical outlook, go ahead and pair it with floral print in your sheets or something different to match that faux trees in your bedroom. Moreover, if you prefer somewhat a modern outlook, go for the sheets that have printed straight lines.

Step up your status quo

The best thing to liven up a room is to hang up a  painting. Paintings tend to help induce a calm and relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom. There are quite a range of genres of paintings available, but its preferred to go for natural landscape paintings or one with a romantic outlay. If you have travelled a lot, then you must have picked up some curios along the way as something to remember by. Well it’s time to bring them out of the closet and place them in display as they tend to lend a hand in improving the chic ambiance. Always place them on the bedside table or on a wall desk so that they don’t clutter your space. 

Invest in a Statement Piece

These are the best method to improve your décor provided you can shell out some hard-earned money. However, they are worth every cent of it. Statement pieces tend to uplift the mood in your room by exuding a classic vibe with their intricate works of art. They are best positioned as a centre piece. We advise you to plan ahead and keep in mind the space available in your room so that you will not be stuck with an oversized item. 

Oh My Vanity! 

You might be the person to spend considerable amount of time on your vanity set. So, come Summer, it’s time to retrospect your arrangement. It is that time of the year where there is an abundance of sunlight during the day. So you might want to position it accordingly. While you are at it,  removing the clutter and rearranging the cabinet will definitely score you some points at improving the décor. If you are the type to plan about buying a whole new set, we’d advise you against it. Instead, go about rearranging old furniture pieces to set it up. Not only will you reuse, you will in turn improve the décor by using antique sets. 

Try to Mix-n-Match

If you find more than one method that works for you or are contemplating total overhaul,  the best way to approach this is to mix-n-match. This leaves a lot of room to formulate your decision. The only possible downside to it is that you may have to spend some time on it. You’d also be surprised at the combinations you come up with. Also keep in mind that optimal combination is achieved when there is harmony between colours. opt for this if you’d like a taste of everything.

A word of caution, akin to summer colours choose attractive and vibrant colours such that your room would never look dull. People tend to go over-board trying to uplift the mood of their room that they forget that whether it’s just a paint job or a single piece of art, it always contributes towards improving the décor of your room. Remember simpler is always better. Setup a budget and stick to it. So, go ahead and apply these methods to achieve a much-sought for seasonal refresh.


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