Quick and easy meals with SimplyCook – Chicken Katsu Curry

I am always looking for easy recipe ideas to try and this Chicken Katsu recipe by SimplyCook is not only super simple but is also delicious. From the easy to find ingredients to the directions Anna and I had a great time preparing it and the end result was amazing.

SimplyCook are the UK’s #1 recipe kit company, offering convenient letter box sized kits with 4 easy recipes inside each one, and over 100 chef inspired recipes to choose from on the website, including all kinds of global cuisines so that you can try something new and enjoy lots of variety.

The packaging is great, especially as it is so compact. It fits through your letter box, and contains all the ingredients you need to add flavour to your food – leaving you to buy the other basic ingredients at your own convenience with your normal grocery shop. We found this gives you more flexibility than with some other recipe kits, and it is really handy.

As mentioned, first we went for the Chicken Katsu Curry. Once you decide which one you want to try the instructions are in the box with the sauces, seasoning and ingredients you are going to need.

Anna was in charge of shopping for the ingredients and I came around to help prepare it. My excitement when I found out there was coconut milk in the recipe says it all. You can see in the below picture. As mums it can get quite hard to find the time and energy to cook every day. And also ideas of something different to cook as well. So as I mentioned I am always drawn to easy and tasty solutions. My daughter also loves to get involved in the process so I find it quite amusing to have these little cooking memories with her.

Check below how it looks inside the little boxes. These are the seasonings and sauces we used for the Chicken Katsu and is nice they have it written on the little pot lids so you don’t mix them up while preparing.

We had some radish salad as a side dish by recommendation of SimplyCook and hot sauce that also came in the recipe box.

Anna’s daughter loved to watch us cooking and also got involved in the preparation. She gave us the biggest smile and a thumbs up! What more do us as mums want than a quick recipe that is also delicious and our kids love?

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