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Some of you may remember our #CookWithPyrex Twitter party and the all the brilliant Pyrex products we have been trying out (you can see all my posts here)

Now I have been trying some of  the Pyrex Flexi Twist bakeware products. They sent some of their fab Flexi Twist range which has very child friendly fun designs. The moulds are all made of silicone and are non stick which makes them so convenient and easy to use. It is really easy to remove the cake once cooked, and really easy to clean. They all have 0% bisphenol A too which is reassuring to know.

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The Numbers cake tray

This is really cool! Mr Z is very interested in anything to do with numbers so he was really excited to see this cake design. I used this silicone cake mould to make a simple chocolate cake, and the effect was great. I was so happy with how simple and quick this was to get such an effective result.

I made a simple chocolate cake, and filled the tray only to half way to allow space for the cake to rise. 20 minutes later I had a really great number design cake with such a  little effort.

numberspyrexSo Quick!

pyrexcakeYou could also try a moist apple cake as described on the back of the packaging. Jenny from the Brick Castle’s teenage daughter tried this recipe which you can see here.

Eileen and her kids, from ET Speaks from home have also been busy baking with the same moulds which you can see here.

The individual circus moulds

I decided to try something else with these, just as an experiment. I wondered whether they would work well for some deserts other than cakes, so I used them to make some bombay Halwa.

halwamouldFor anyone who may not know, this is a milk based desert which you make from China Grass (agar agar). It is kind of like a milk based jelly.

I have used the Gits packet which you can buy in any supermarket, because I like to save time so as far am I’m concerned its all about the packet mixes! 😉

You combine the ingredients with milk on the hob then simply stir it till done and then place it into a dish to set. I decided to use these circus moulds rather than a normal dish, hoping that the desert would set well into the circus shapes. I have to say I was quite impressed with how sharply the designs came out. These moulds worked so well! So I would definitely recommend that if you want to branch out and use them for anything other than cake, it will work perfectly.

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I should have possibly put slightly less into each mould as the pieces came out quite thick and big but the effect of the designs looks so cool 🙂

Next I will try it with normal jelly. Has anyone got any more ideas for me? Please do share it with me in the comments.

Disclaimer: We were sent all the products for review.

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