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The Click Lockβ„’ Bento Mealtime Set from Munchkin – Make lunchtimes fun, fresh and organised! See what we thought, and look out for the giveaway at the end of the page!
bento1Some of you may remember, we reviewed the Munchkin Disney range for toddlers a while back, and now I have something new to share with you for ‘Back to School’

The Click Lockβ„’ Bento Mealtime Set is great! It is a lunch box with three different lidded compartments, perfect for keeping all the lunch time food fresh and separate. It also comes with it’s own cutlery set embedded in the lid – how handy and cool πŸ˜€

The two smaller compartments in the Bento Box come labelled one for fruit and one for vegetables, and they are just the perfect size for some chopped up pieces. It is a good space saver too, as normally I have to put these in different tubs inside a lunch box and it can all end up quite bulky! The main compartment is a good size for sandwiches, or would be ideal if you wanted to send any cooked food in for your child’s lunch. As it is a secure separate compartment there is no worry about it touching any of the other food items. You should even be okay sending in something with sauce as there is the click lock lid in place! I will be trying this out once Mr T goes back to nursery as his nursery allows them to bring hot food in so with this box I can send him some rice and daal which he likes to eat.

As the idea of Bento is normally to make small portions of food look more appealing for little ones, I thought I should get into the spirit of this by making the sandwiches into different shapes. You can see the box I made here with a gingerbread man shaped sandwich. I put the orange pieces and cucumber slice into the fruit and vegetable sections and then just included a babybel next to the gingerbread man’s foot which is supposed to be a football. The boys were very pleased with the shaped sandwiches, and I don’t really think I will get away with giving them normal shaped ones now!! So I will have to get all my different shaped cutters out. I just did it with a regular cookie cutter that you would use for baking.
munchkinbentoAlso have a look at the Et Speaks from Home review as Eileen has made a great Bento box with a Japanese Geisha made from rice. I must try something like this myself!

You can also have a look at Capture by Lucy blog here to get more ideas for making very cool Bento lunches for your little ones.

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This Bento Box set is available in Green (shown), blue or pink.

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135 thoughts on “Bento Box from Munchkin”

  1. my little boy wont eat sandwiches, so we have to be quite inventive with lunch boxes, I give him cold toast cut into car shapes, little teddy bear shaped cheese, popcorn, grapes, rice cakes, cream cheese and breadsticks.

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  3. Sandwich or wrap with chicken, ham or cheese. Yoghurt, cheese, carrots, fruit and a treat like a kit-kat, biscuit or small cake πŸ™‚

  4. hes very fussy usually plain wholemeal bread , or fresh homemade american style pancake, lil box of lime doritos, muller corner and some kind of biscuit and a bottle of water

  5. She’s mad on Hummus I try and get the more healthy kind with some carrots, cucumber and celery. A good bit of fruit and a yoghurt


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