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September is here and the Summer holidays are over for another year! As I’m getting the children ready for their next year of school adventures I don’t think it is too early to start daydreaming about the next summer holidays, is it??

This year we had a short break within the UK, but I do hope by next summer we are in a position to take the kids a little further afield. They have not been outside the UK yet or ever been on a plane, and I know they would be so excited!

florida mapI have a few destinations in mind that I really fancy for a family friendly holiday – Dubai, Malaysia, Paris (for euro disney), California or Florida. Some of my family went to Florida last year, to stay in one of our relatives houses and explore the area, hearing about all the things to do there it definitely is coming up to the top of my list.

At the top of my list of places to visit would definitely be Disney land! I love Disney and it seems like it would be a great place to make some special memories for the kids. Although that would be the obvious place to go, I would want to explore the rest of Florida while I’m there as my family said there are so many other things to see too. I would get myself organised and arrange car hire before I arrive in Florida then we would be free to explore so easily. I had a look and found some great suggestions from lonely planet here.

I definitely fancy the Florida keys, so beautiful!

floridakeysOne of my favourite blogs to read is Enjoy the Small Things by Kelle Hampton, which I have been reading long before I started my own one. She lives in Florida and her pictures always make me want to visit the area – so many beautiful beaches! (If somehow you have managed not to come across this blog, I definitely recommend you go over and check it out, its lovely)

There is another really comprehensive list here again from Lonely Planet, all about attractions which are suitable for kids – in Florida, the gulf coast. My family went to the Everglades while they were over there, and saw some great wildlife.

Another thing I fancy is taking short a cruise from Florida, to go to the Caribbean. My sister said this was brilliant, and I normally trust her recommendations! I have never been on a cruise ship, so that would a first too – it sounds really relaxing and a great way to expand the holiday even further.

I had better get saving up if I want to manage this for next year! Meanwhile, it never hurts to daydream!

If you are lucky enough to have your next holiday already booked, why not check out my guide to the top products for travelling with children, and let me know in the comments where you will be going!

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9 thoughts on “Next Years Holiday?”

  1. We are going to Florida in 20 days! We booked it 18 months in advance and saved like demons.
    It will be my 2 littlies first time on an aeroplane, and Melody will celebrate her 4th birthday there.
    We have already booked our holidays for next year too! Disneyland Paris next year.
    Yes we are Disney nuts.
    We live frugally and save all our money for holidays.
    Let me know if you book something! xx

  2. It ends up costing so much to go to Mum and Dad’s once you’ve added airport parking, car hire and cattery costs in, that I don’t see us being able to afford a ‘holiday’ again next year 🙁 But I’d love to take Monkey on a summer beach holiday – anywhere! that was guaranteed to be warm.

  3. I really want to go somewhere abroad that isn’t Pakistan (in laws are there!) But by the time we’ve been there we can’t really afford to go anywhere else 🙁

    Hope you get to go next summer! And definitely not too early to plan!


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