Project 52:13

It’s Sunday again so time for another set of Project 52 photos of the boys.

Mr Z


He’s really happy with his new sonic PJs 🙂

Mr R

This is quite a random picture, but I wanted to show his new even shorter hair!! Because of the bad hair cut he had a couple of weeks back we decided to just go for it and get it cut more, so he had this done yesterday. He doesn’t look as I expected, I think because you can still see a hint of the curls. So now we will just see whether they all grow back properly!

(here’s the dodgy haircut and here’s his original hair)

Mr T


This is from the playground outside Legoland hotel, we took Mr T and Mr R to Legoland on Friday which was really nice. Mr Z was at school so missed it but I’m so proud of him that he didn’t make a fuss about it! I did buy him a Lego set that he wanted to make up for it though! Mr T is getting much stronger on playground equipment, he managed to hold on and balance all along this beam.

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