Park Playtime at Verulamium

Rather than just going to our local park, we normally like to try out as many different parks in our area as possible. This time we went to Verulamium, which is on the site of an ancient Roman town. There are some ruins which you can see, and a Roman museum which we didn’t get chance to go in but maybe next time!

playground at Verulamium

The boys had lots of fun in the playground using up their energy.

the park at Verulamium playground at Verulamium

 Naturally Mr T found the play equipment with the pirate ship and steering wheel and stayed there most of the time, as he is so into pirates at the moment.

playground at Verulamium

 It’s so nice now that the weather is getting more Spring like to get outdoors again every weekend.

Verulamium playground Verulamium park

 It’s great to see the kids enjoying the simple pleasures of the park.

Verulamium park st albans v7

We also went for a short walk around the park to explore a little.


We are really trying to practise Mr T’s walking as much as possible at the moment, as some of you might be aware he has some problems with his feet as well as hypermobility and low muscle tone so it’s always been hard for him to walk very far. He’s now getting to the stage where he’s noticed that most children don’t need to sit in a buggy so I’d really love to see him get enough stamina to be able to walk full time by September.


We walked to some walls near the Roman baths, although these are not the main city walls of the Roman ruins, which is because those were on the other side and without a buggy he actually couldn’t walk that far,  but these walls were still fun for the boys to run and play

wall at Verulamium walls at Verulamium children at Verulamium

 It’s always nice to explore somewhere new and have some family time outdoors 🙂

Verulamium view of st albans

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