As part of the Bostik Family Craft Network we are sent an exciting box of craft supplies each month to help us with some season craft activities for kids. This month, we got busy with some spring crafts for kids.

First we decided to make some cute Spring Chick Gift Boxes using pom poms

Pom Pom Spring chick gift box Easter craft

To make your spring chick gift box, you will need:

  • Small box or container
  • Two yellow pom poms
  • Bostik clear sticky dots
  • Two googley eyes
  • Orange Pipe Cleaner

How to make a spring chick Easter gift box

Using the Bostik clear sticky dots, which are double sided, stick thetwo  pom poms together to make a body and a head for the chick

Next attach on the googley eyes.

The beak is made from a small piece of orange pipe cleaner, bent into a triangle shape and stuck into the top pom pom below the eyes. This should just stay in place without any need for a glue dot for this piece.

Then – you’re done! You could add any extra decorations around the side of the box if you prefer.

pom pom spring chick gift box

This little box would make a cute gift box for any little mini eggs or Easter chocolate. You could scale it up to a bigger box if you wanted to fit more inside.

These are very quick and easy to make and the Bostik clear sticky dots hold everything together really well. We use them often for simple crafts.

After making the Spring chick craft, the boys moved on to making spring flower cards, with adhesive flowers and lots of glitter glue!

spring flowers craft for kids

They also decorated polystyrene eggs with lots of glitter glue. They decorated these in their own designs without any guidance as they wanted to let their creativity go wild, so they ended up covered in multi coloured glitter, and loads of buttons and extras.

spring crafts for kids - easter egg craft

They had lots of fun making up their own Spring craft ideas with all the supplies, especially the glitter glue. My kids go crazy for glitter glue which I’m sure could be said for most kids too!

spring crafts - craft supplies for kids from bostik

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