Rastamouse and Da Micespace Mystery

Rastamouse and Da Micespace Mystery is the new book out from our favourite Rasta character – Rastamouse!

Rastamouse and Da Micespace Mystery book coverMy boys have enjoyed Rastamouse on Cbeebies since it first started a couple of years ago. It’s always good to have books featuring some of their well loved characters from TV so we were keen to get reading when Rastamouse and Da Micespace Mystery arrived from Pan Macmillan Publishers.

rastamouseRastamouse and Da Micespace Mystery is a picture book with a quite detailed story all about Rastamouse and Da Easy Crew helping out the President with another crime. All of the mouseland millions have gone missing and an email comes through from “Mi$ter Fl@$h” saying he has taken all the money, so Da Easy Crew get ready to investigate!

The book is all written in the same style which Rastamouse speaks on the show, in a strong Jamaican accent. It is also all on rhyme, so it is quite lyrical and rhythmic to read. For example:

“Mi have to confess” says the shame faced mouse.

Mi did take ‘way all dat cash.

Mi needed to upgrade me gadget and ting.

What can I say? Me is Mr Flash!”

Mr Z actually asked me to read it in a bit more of a normal accent as he was not to impressed with my Rastamouse impression! I may need to work on this 😉

The story is quite long and for the younger ones, it is hard for them to follow all the way through. I think although it is a preschool character, the stories are good for age 3.5+ rather than younger toddlers, as it does go quite in depth. It is an entertaining story and stays very true to the style of the TV show.

In the end, Rastamouse and his friends manage to track down the crook by finding his Micespace account and then cunningly befriending him so they can find out who he is! I liked the Micespace joke as I do remember Myspace from my teenage years although the boys are not familiar with it.

Overall the boys really enjoyed the book, even Mr R being too young to concentrate for the whole story at 2 years was very keen to point at the pictures. I can see this book being read many more times and is a great entertaining story for little fans of Rastamouse!

This new Rastamouse book will be having a launch today at Brent Civic Centre – see here for more details.

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