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Today, we are introducing a fun-filled, engaging and stimulating activity: Pop It Tetris! This free printable game combines the nostalgic thrill of Tetris with the hands-on satisfaction of colorful Pop Its.

It’s a hands-down win for both kids and adults alike, sparking creativity and fostering a range of essential developmental skills. Let’s dive in and explore the world of Pop It Tetris with our free printable game.

free printable Tetris game with pop its

We’re all aware of the popularity of Pop Its among kids these days. Their satisfying, ‘pop-able’ nature coupled with a rainbow of colors have made them a sensation.

We’ve harnessed this appeal in our Pop It Tetris activity, making the experience even more fun and inviting for your children.

How to Play Tetris

While we’re all familiar with the time-tested, brain-teasing excitement of the original Tetris, imagine transforming this digital experience into a tactile, tangible journey of fun! With our printable shape pieces, this is exactly what we’re offering.

Kids can recreate the classic Tetris game on their kitchen tables, living room floors, or wherever they love to play. Each printable page comes with a variety of different shapes that kids can cut out and use to build their very own Tetris blocks. It’s a hands-on experience that combines fun with a fantastic learning opportunity!

How to Use the Pop It Tetris Printable to Play Your Own Tetris Game
Yield: 1

How to Use the Pop It Tetris Printable to Play Your Own Tetris Game

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 15 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

With the original Tetris game, the magic was in maneuvering the descending shapes to complete lines. But how do you replicate this fun on your dining table or living room floor with printable pieces? Let's take you through the steps of playing Pop It Tetris:


  • Paper
  • Free Printable pages


  • Scissors
  • Printer


  1. Step 1: Print the Pop It Tetris Printable
    Start off by printing our free Pop It Tetris printable. We've designed it with vibrant colors and easy-to-identify shapes, making it fun and accessible for kids of all ages.
  2. Step 2: Cut Out the Shapes
    Once you've printed the pages, grab a pair of child-friendly scissors, and carefully cut out the Tetris shapes. Don't forget, the process of cutting is also great for improving fine motor skills!
  3. Step 3: Game On - Arrange the Shapes
    Here comes the real fun! Challenge your kids to arrange the pieces to fill a square or rectangle without leaving any empty spaces - just like in the classic Tetris game. This step not only instills the joy of the game, but it also enhances spatial awareness and problem-solving skills.
  4. Optional: Two-Player Version
    For a fun-filled, cooperative game, introduce a two-player version. One player places the shapes while the other player passes a shape at random. It's a friendly competition that encourages teamwork and strategy, all while replicating the unpredictability of the computer-based Tetris game. Keep placing the shapes and clear those lines for a victory dance!


Grab the free printable pages in PDF format below

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Playing Pop It Tetris is a wonderful way for children to interact with the world of Tetris on a more tactile level. It’s fun, engaging, and a unique way to bring the digital game to life. Enjoy the endless fun that this hands-on Tetris game brings to your family time!

Developmental Benefits of The Tetris Activity

Pop It Tetris isn’t just about fun and games. It’s an educational activity that helps develop spatial awareness, visual skills, hand-eye coordination, cognitive development and more!

As your kids arrange and rearrange the pieces, they’re not only learning about shapes and colors, but they’re also honing their problem-solving skills and building a solid foundation for future STEM learning.

Every turn, every move, and every game they play, encourages them to think, react, and grow!

Free Printable Pop It Tetris Puzzle

Our Pop It Tetris printable comes with four pages. The first two pages contain shapes to make – a square and a rectangle – the square is perfect for beginners and the rectangle is a little more challenging.

pop it Tetris worksheet free printable
pop it Tetris worksheet free printable

The remaining two pages are a trove of Tetris pieces waiting to be cut out. If your little architect needs more shapes, simply print pages three and four again.

The potential is endless – your child can even be challenged to build other things, like a house, a castle or their favorite animal!

The shapes pages include 5 different types shapes in different colors with multiple pieces of each kind.

pop it shapes to cut out and use for Tetris games

We encourage you to introduce your little ones to the Pop It Tetris game. Not only will they be thrilled by this innovative approach to a classic game, but they’ll also reap the benefits of a well-rounded learning experience.

Remember, each win in Tetris mirrors a win in their developmental milestones. It’s an exciting and rewarding way for them to learn while playing!

Download Printable PDF

Free instant digital download below in PDF format. This file contains 4 pages, if you need more of the individual shapes print extra copies of pages 3-4

Terms of use: free for personal use, free for classroom use, not for commercial use.

the world of Pop It Tetris is filled with endless opportunities for joy and learning. So why wait?

Download, print, cut out and get started on your family’s new favorite game! We’re sure you’re going to love this delightful twist on an old classic.

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If you like, you can grab a physical version of Pop It Tetris blocks on Amazon, we have one similar. You can use these along with the printables, or extend to whatever designs you want to build using the pop it shapes as well as enjoying the sensory fun!

Or grab a few different colored pop its in all kind of fun designs, and fun unique pop it products. Here are a few that caught our eye!

How cool are these personalised pop it water bottles?!

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Happy popping!

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