Polar Bear Handprint Winter Craft

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There are so many simple ideas that you can try for winter crafts. We often like making snowmen, or snowflakes, and this time we tried making some little polar bears using the kids handprints.

This is a really quick and easy craft, with no mess or clean up.

To make the polar bear handprint winter scene, you will need:

  • White paper
  • Sparkly blue card
  • Scissors
  • Silver sharpie
  • White Glue (we used Blu Tack white glu from Bostik)
  • Stick on snowflakes
  • White pom poms (optional)

If you don’t have sparkly card, try substituting it for whatever else you have in your craft cupboard, or use the  polar bear handprints to make cards.


To make our polar bear scene, the boys drew around their hands and then cut out the handprints. We used the silver sharpies to draw, and to add details on the handprint to turn each one into a polar bear. All you need is a little face, and some marks for claws on each paw.


Then, just stick everything down onto your background, adding snowflakes and pom poms for extra effect if you have them. We also added names for our polar bears.


And you’re done. This is a really simple and quick winter craft for kids. Anything with handprints gets extra cuteness points since it’s personalised. You could also use white paint to print the kids handprints on to coloured paper, and cut those out to use once they’ve dried.

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Polar bear handprint winter craft idea for kids.
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