The Good Dinosaur Puzzle

We’re really looking forward to watching The Good Dinosaur, which is out here in the UK on the 27th of November. To get familiar with the characters, we had fun putting together a 100 piece The Good Dinosaur puzzle from Ravensburger.

Ravensburger 100 piece puzzle Disney pixar the good dinosaur

We always enjoy Ravensburger puzzles and can rely on them for great quality. This 100xxl puzzle has pieces of a good size, and makes up a scene from the Disney Pixar movie The Good Dinosaur with the finished puzzle measuring 49 x 36cm.

puzzle pieces from the good dinosaur 100 piece puzzleThe puzzle is recommended for age 6+, due to the quantity of pieces and difficulty level of the puzzle and I would say that is about right for doing the puzzle independently but my younger children (4 and 5) also enjoy doing these 100 piece puzzles with some support from me. For younger children they make a simple fun activity to spend time doing together, or for older children of 6+ they are a great quiet time activity that can be really satisfying for a child to complete by themselves.

You can also find sets of 3 x smaller puzzles, with 49 pieces – also from Ravensburger.

Ravensburger THE gOOD DINOsaur puzzle

The boys enjoyed spotting the different characters in the puzzle, and putting together each of the dinosaurs. You’ll see Arlo and Spot, Nash, Bubbha, and Thunderclap in the puzzle – among others. The finished image is bold and bright, with lots of detail in the trees, sky and background.

This Ravensburger The Good Dinosaur puzzle is available at all good toy stores, including online at Amazon for RRP around 7.99

Ravensburger The Good Dinosaur Puzzle

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