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Hello Fresh offer convenient recipe boxes which include all of the ingredients you’ll need to put together fresh meals for your family at home, along with the recipe cards for those meals. We’ve tried recipe boxes before, and I always love the convenience of them. Now, you can get family meal boxes that allow you to make larger quantities to feed the whole family.

Last month, there was a live cook along with one of the Hello Fresh head chefs, and we also tried out one of the family meal boxes to make some yummy meals. The family meal boxes are designed so that kids can help with some aspects of the meal preparation, and these steps are marked on the recipe cards.

The family recipe boxes feature recipes that are crowd pleasers, to hopefully appeal to all ages within the family, and contains 4 recipes – to feed the family for most of the week.


The box contains everything you’ll need for the recipes, and comes packed with items chilled so that the box can survive outside of the fridge for even a couple of days – so if it happens to arrive while you’re out, it would not be a problem. You can select the delivery day and time when you order though.

The recipe cards are easy to follow, with a bright and appealing picture of what your meal will look like once made, along with info on how long each one takes to make so that you can choose accordingly.


Above you can see the recipe card and ingredients for stir fried Chinese chilli beef with Smithfield steak. The kids really enjoyed this recipe. Noodles are typically a crowd pleaser and something that kids will be familiar with, but the recipe has plenty of flavour to keep the grown ups of the family happy too – rather than making do with something bland in order to please the kids.


Our box also included cous cous with butternut squash, and stacked quesadillas – giving a good variety of cuisine from around the world. I like that these boxes give you inspiration of what to make, and help you move away from the typical recipes you might turn to when in a rush.


It doesn’t often occur to me to make Mexican style food, other than when I get recipe boxes like these – even though I do really enjoy them, so it’s always good to have that nudge to make something different.


The portions in the family box are pretty generous. They are designed to feed 4-5 people, and since three of our 5 people are quite young it was plenty for us with plenty of left overs too which is always handy. I do think it could feed 4-5 adults, so if you have older children or teens in your family the portion size should still work for you.

A family box is 64 pounds, which works out as 16 pounds per meal – and 3.20 per portion when you feed 5 people or 4.00 per portion when feeding four.

Visit www.hellofresh.co.uk to find out more about the recipe boxes, and the family meal boxes. 

We were sent the box in order to review. 

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