10 Unique Candles to Make and Give

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Making candles is a fun craft that can be done in so many different ways, by crafters of all ages, and they make great personalised gifts to give too. I’ve made several types of candles with the kids at different times of year to tie in with seasonal celebrations, and it was a lot easier than I had initially thought.

10 unique candles to make and give as gifts

You can even buy candle making supplies at supermarkets like Tesco, so we’ll have no excuse for not making some more!

Here are some of the candles we’ve had fun making and decorating, and some other great ideas from blogger friends.

candle2We made these Arabic alphabet candles using candle pens to decorate these pre-made egg shaped candles. It was a fun way for the children to learn about the Arabic alphabet and practise their letters while getting crafty.

halloweencandleWe made these Halloween Candles by shaping and moulding room temperature wax in our hands, and forming it around the wick, rather than setting hot wax in a jar. The children made lots of pumpkins and bats to go along with the season.

DIY-Baby-Food-Jar-Candles-FinishedI love the look of these Candles made in a baby food jar. Don’t they look so professional? These would be perfect to give as a gift. I am always a fan of upcycled jars!


This is another fun upcycling idea. Make some rainbow Crayon candles using left over wax crayons.

teacup-candle-tutorial-683x1024My friend Kate made these vintage tea cup candles as a gift for a friend, which is another very striking and effective candle making idea.

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 14.43.35These colourful Easter egg candles would be perfect for this time of year! You can get the tutorial over on Red Ted Art. They are made using real blown eggs!


This Sharpie decorated candle is one of my favourites. It looks so stylish, and is an ideas that I am tempted to try myself.


I also love this Candle decorated with pressed flowers for a pretty and nature inspired design.


These Shell Candles are gorgeous too, and a way to remember your summer seaside visits all year round!

reuse-candle-jars-11Once you’ve finished with your candles, this tutorial on how to re-use wax and candle jars could be really handy, as it shows how to remove that layer of wax at the bottom of the jar once your candle has burned down – so that you can use your jars for storage as shown. Waste not want not!

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