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Play is the new book from child psychologist Dr Amanda Gummer. Focusing on ages 0-5, Amanda shares lots of simple and easy play activities that you can set up with your child, along with sharing some of her insight and experience in the topics of play and development.Play by dr Amanda Gummer. Fun ways to help your child develop in the first five years

I’ve always found this type of book really useful to have around. If you need a quick idea, or you need to refresh your knowledge on what behaviours or what type of play is typical around a certain age then it can be a handy reference.

The book is split into categories by age, starting with playful beginning for the newborns at 0-2 months and continuing all the way up to starting school at 4 years +. The book also doubles up as a memory book, with a section to fill in at the end of each chapter with questions on milestones and what your baby enjoys most at that age, along with a space for notes.

The other topics covered include sensory awakenings, fun with food, on the move, imagination, language and social development so there are plenty of activities and ideas in the book to help your child develop in all areas, in a fun way.

The activities and games suggested in the book are all pretty simple, not requiring any special equipment or preparation and many of them are games you probably remember enjoying yourself as a child. It’s handy to have so many ideas in one place though, and is a great reminder that these simple activities really are so beneficial for children. If you’re making themed activity lists, “bucket lists” or “bored jars” for the different seasons this book would be a good resource for ideas for those too.

There are other interesting sections in the book too, like the explanation behind why teddies bears are so popular and beneficial for children, and troubleshooting tips to deal with common problems like “my child won’t share.”

This is not a book that has to be read from cover to cover. You can dip in and out and take ideas from whatever section you need at the time, and refer back to it as and when required. It’s definitely a good one to have on the book shelf.

More about Amanda Gummer

Amanda Gummer is a child development expert and play and parenting psychologist who has been helping children and families for over 20 years. Widely considered as THE go to expert on play, toys and child development, Amanda combines her theoretical knowledge (developing the Parent-Centred Parenting model of family life and theFundamental Model of Child development) with a refreshingly pragmatic approach to family life, that resonates both with parents and professionals.

Amanda is regularly in the media, and continues to take an active role in research, presenting a paper at the International Toy Research Association’s World Congress in Portugal in July 2014. She is often involved in government policy around children’s issues, contributing to the Bailey Report and the Childhood Inquiry.

Amanda ran the research consultancy FUNdamentals for 10 years before combining that with the Good Toy Guide, the online play advice website that she set up in 2012, and the Good App Guide to create Fundamentally Children.

Play by Amanda Gummer is available to buy from tomorrow onwards, with an RRP 12.99.

Order Play from Amazon here

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