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Plasticine is a timeless classic of childhood that provides hours of creative play. The boys and I have been having lots of fun building plasticine models using the range of Plasticine from Flair, and they come up with lots of different ideas using plasticine. It is such a versatile material.

Plasticine modelling ideas and tips. Plasticine is great for hand strengthening and creativity!


R is a big fan of Spider-Man (and all super heroes!) so he wanted to make a plasticine version of his Spider-Man figure. To make the plasticine Spider-Man you will need red, blue, white and black plasticine and it’s quite easy to copy the basic shapes of Spider-Man and put him together.

plasticine modelling spidermanHis finished Spider-Man came out great!

plasticine modelling spidermanThe booklet in the plasticine pack also provides some modelling instructions, so we copied some of these to make some little cats.

plasticine modelling catR loved the cats so we made more in different colours too. Making these cute little models is fun for all ages. They would be perfect to use in your own home made stop motion animation videos too.

The great thing about plasticine is that it doesn’t dry out at all, unlike traditional playdough, or other modelling materials like Fimo, so you can play with it and then leave it out uncovered and not worry about it hardening or getting ruined. It really lasts a long time and can take a lot of play due to this.

Plasticine is also more resistive than other playdoughs, meaning that it takes more strength to pinch, roll and squeeze it. So if you’re trying to build up hand strength in your child to help with their fine motor and handwriting skills down the line, then plasticine is a great tool for that (as is clay)

plasticine good for hand strengthThere are some great colours available in Flair’s plasticine range. I love the luminous options that are available.

I love to use plasticine as a tactile way to learn letters, shapes or numbers by building each one. We used this technique before to help the boys practise their Arabic alphabet.


Here are some of the best plasticine sets to try out:

It’s always worth having some plasticine in the house! It makes an ideal relaxing activity on a rainy day or when you want a fairly mess free creative activity.

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  1. Looks like los of fun, I think modelling is great way to spend a few hours, an I know it something me ad my boy have spent hors doing in the past. We used to have dough parties and make all the food.


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